X-Chalk Wheel Stabilizer Review

There are a lot of options when it comes to chalking the wheels on your RV. This X-Chalk wheel stabilizer review explains why none of those other options belong in the same conversation as the X-Chalk. That is not some bold overstatement to grab your attention. After 30,000 miles of travels in our RVs, we are convinced the X-Chalk is the best wheel stabilizer on the market.

Right to the Good Stuff – Why the X-Chalks are the best!

I will start with the biggest reason the x-chalk outperforms all competitors. That reason is is never having to worry about running over your chalks. We used traditional chalks for years. The Andersen Chalks were typically what we used. While visiting the Grand Canyon our Andersen chalks became wedged and we had to run one over to get the other out. The one we ran over broke so we bought the X-Chalk and haven’t looked back.

Another reason I love the X-chalk setup is because it helps eliminate movement in our RV. Whether we are in the toy hauler or the travel trailer, the x-chalks eliminate 50% of the wiggle from the kids playing, or any other activity that seems to make things jiggle.

x chalk wheel stabilizer review

You can’t do an X-Chalk Wheel Stabilizer review without talking about price. And this is another big plus. Of course you get the cheap triangle chalks for less, but in my experience those do a poor job and don’t last longer than a single summer. Prices change all the time, so you can click here to check the current price on Amazon.

We take our X-Chalks in both the Vengeance Rogue and our travel trailer, which is the Grand Design Transcend 29TBS. They really are something we consider a must have over traditional wheel chalks. Give them a try and we think you will quickly feel the same way,

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