Wrap-It Storage Strap Review

wrap it storage strap review

Keeping the storage area organized can make setup and take down much easier. Before we review anything its nice to ask, who could use this product. With the Wrap-It, the answer is everybody. Its a strong, but easy to use product that can organize cords, hoses and so much more.

But is is cost effective for the price? And do the straps last after the wear and tear of a long road trip?

That’s why we are doing this Wrap-It storage strap review. To answer those questions and more, because RV organization is a serious topic.

I get frustrated dealing with hoses kinking up in the storage bay. We have tried putting them in large tubs, and they are still a point of frustration. Every setup and tear down I am either tripping over lids, or fighting houses that are kinked up in knots.

I saw an ad for Wrap-It and decided to do a little more research. I’ve seen lots of ways to tie up hoses that fail over time. I was skeptic of the Velcro maintaining a strong grip if it gets dirty. Surely something so simple couldn’t be the answer to my hose frustrations.

Wrap-It Storage Straps for RVs

I bought a six pack of medium storage straps to put in the RV. (Check current price on Amazon) At first glance, I was extremely disappointed. The straps that came in the mail were much smaller than I expected, and I was concerned about the strap being able to reach around our thicker freshwater hose. I knew we would be fine for the black tank flushing hose.

The remaining four straps we used for extension cords, and to hang a flashlight from Command hooks (Get Command Hooks on Amazon) in both the master bedroom and the bunkhouse of our Grand Design Transcend 29TBS travel trailer. Hanging flashlights is a great camping tip if you have kids that are new to RVing. Let them know where the flashlight is so they can find their way through unfamiliar territory at night. It will help put them at ease for the ‘first sleep’ in the new rig. At least it did for our kids.

Storage Straps for the Garage

I ended up ordering even more of the straps because they worked so well in the RV. I wanted to have a set at the sticks and bricks to keep the garage organized. They are a multi-use item, which every serious RVer knows is a ‘must’ to gain entry in the rig. They are not as cheap as some homemade options, but they last a lot longer. We enjoy having them in our garage keeping things clean and tidy.

best storage straps for RVs

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