Winter RV Travel

We love RV travel so much, we often haven’t winterized our RV by the first freeze. There are ways to prepare for winter RV travel that will help you reduce the risk of running into problems. Here are our tips for prepping your RV, as well as overall tips for using your RV during the winter.

Preparing Your RV for Winter Travel

There are several steps you can take to help prepare your RV. The first is doing everything you can to keep your water lines from freezing. We go to our local hardware store and buy pipe insulators. We get the good ones that are a bit more expensive. They have a better insulation rating and have the strip you can peel to stick the pipe-insulator together securing it around your water line. This ensures a snug fit that won’t fall off.

winter rv travel pipe cover

Your water lines will be in several different places that should be accessible. Usually somewhere near your storage area, as well as under your cabinets that have water lines run to them for faucets. You will want to insulate every part of the line you can access from every area of your RV.

Other Hacks for Winter Camping

Every RV furnace we have had runs off propane. If you are going to camp in the winter you need to upgrade your propane tanks. I highly recommend a minimum of two 30 lb tanks. Your furnace will go through a large amount of propane so two larger tanks will mean filling up less often.

Another big secret to winter camping is making sure you park in direct sunlight, but also out of the wind if possible. While a 30 degree day will be cold, if you are in direct sunlight it will feel so much warmer inside your RV. We like to use bamboo replacement shades on our windows. They are light enough that they let the natural light (and heat) in, but thick enough to block any drafts that may come through your windows.

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