Best Step Stool for an RV

With space being limited in most rigs, knowing which step stool is best for an RV can save you a lot of headaches on moving days. There are a lot of different characteristics that make a step stool a good fit for an RV. Obviously, it has to be collapsible because storage space is an issue. Beyond that, knowing what you will use it for will determine the height you need.

We like to have a small step stool stored in the bathroom so the kids don’t have any issues reaching the toothbrush holders. Next year that might not be a problem because they are growing so quickly. You can see them in our RV organization video on YouTube.

Here are some additional considerations if you are picking out a new step stool for your rig…

Storing RV Step Stool

Storage location will eliminate half of your step stool options. For us, we need a small single step in our bunk house travel trailer, but in the 5th wheel toy hauler we use a step stool that has two steps. The ceiling is much taller in our 5th wheel than the travel trailer is. A two step wouldn’t be practical.

We have several step stools at our sticks and bricks too. We use them to reach high cabinets, for the kids to reach over the counters, (not so much anymore) and everything else one uses a step stool for.

The step stool shown below is the same one we use. It may not look like much, but has held a lot of weight and has survived a lot of miles on the road for us. We love that it folds up and can be tucked away, but watch your fingers.

If there is room for improvement it would be to have a reminder on top to collapse by picking up at the handle. Sometimes I try to fold them in on the side and give myself a little pinch. That’s never been a problem for the kids.

which rv step stool is best

The step stool shown above is a very popular one on Amazon. At this moment of publishing the step stool can be had for less than $10! (Check current price on Amazon) Knowing which step stool is best for an RV is pretty easy if it works for less than $10 bucks..

By the way, I recommend you check out our Transcend 29TBS review if you like bunk house travel trailers. We have owned it for one year and are very pleased with the purchase.

Two Step Step-stool For an RV

Check Price on Amazon

Get the two step with no handle for your RV step stool. With a handle it becomes far too large to store conveniently. This step stool comes in just under two feet in height. That means it will tuck away nicely into any corner of your camper.

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