Which RV Mattress Topper is Best?

It is no secret that most RVs come with the most uncomfortable mattress you will ever sleep on. I don’t know why the manufacturers spend money on a mattress that is as hard as a board. Just sell them as ‘Mattress not included.’

So what can you do about the stiff as a board mattress your RV comes with? Sure, you can replace it if you want to spend $400+ for a new one. For full timers, that is a bargain. Part-timers accustomed to sleeping in comfortable bedding at home may not see it as a necessity.

For many full and part-time RVers, a mattress topper is the perfect answer. Knowing which RV mattress topper is best will depend on how you like to sleep. They make mattress toppers that are both firm and soft. The selection of mattress toppers is just as broad, if not more broad than the mattresses themselves. Below are some factors for you to take into consideration.

What is a Mattress Topper

An RV mattress topper is a way to transform that horrible factory mattress into a wonderful sleeping heaven. There are various types of toppers like memory foam, down, gel, and even over-sized pillow toppers that cover the entire mattress.

Just remember, an RV queen is not typically the same size as a traditional queen. Take the actual measurements and you will likely find the RV queen is 6 inches shorter. (80X60 vs 80X66 on a traditional queen.) We had to cut ours down with a utility knife for it to fit perfectly, but that was easy to do with memory foam. Those other topper materials will not leave you with an option to resize on your own.

Best Mattress Topper for RVs

I am a “picky sleeper” if such a thing exists. I like a nice balance between a firm supportive mattress, and one that is also soft and cozy. For me, the best RV mattress topper is a 2-3″ memory foam topper. The factory mattress is firm enough that I feel supported, but the memory foam also feels cozy and soft.

Lucid offers two, three and four inch memory foam RV mattress toppers. The brand is incredibly well reviewed across multiple platforms, and it is easy to understand why.

We were hiking near the Colorado Paint Mines and I was suffering from back problems. We had just returned from a week in the National Forest and sleeping on the mattress board provided by Forest River had just cut my last nerve.

I went online and ordered the best reviewed mattress topper I could find. I can save you some time by telling you the Lucid is every bit as good as the reviews, which is why we have two. One for each of our rigs.

For those that don’t follow our YouTube channel, we have both a Transcend 29TBS bunk house travel trailer and a Vengeance Rogue Toy Hauler.

Check Price of the Lucid Memory Foam Topper – Here on Amazon.

which rv mattress topper is best

Finding the perfect mattress topper is going to be hard to do online. If you can, make a stop in at a local mattress store and test all the floor models. This way you know exactly what type of material to order for your preferred mattress topper style.

You might find it easier to compromise if you can test each material in person. In your head you may hate soft mattresses, but a soft mattress topper may be the answer you are looking for. When combined with a firm mattress it’s seriously the perfect balance for couples that like both a firm and soft bed.

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