What Brand of RV Toilet Paper is Best

rv toilet paper

You may have heard horror stories about tanks getting professionally emptied. Possibly, a friend-of-a-friend knows someone who didn’t use overpriced RV toilet paper and had an issue. We have never used RV toilet paper and we have never had any problem emptying our tanks. As long as you understand the difference between RV TP and regular TP you will find many “regular” brands meet the criteria needed to go into your black holding tank.

RV Toilet Paper Problems

There are many types of toilet paper out there, and some of them definitely cannot get into your holding tanks. That does not mean only RV specific toilet paper can go in. RV toilet paper is simply toilet paper that breaks down quickly. After all, you empty your tanks at least once per trip if not multiple times per trip. If there is only a day or two between usage and dumping, you want the toilet paper to be completely broken down so you don’t clog your black tank drain.

One very popular brand of RV toilet paper is Scott’s Rapid Dissolving Bath Tissue for RVs and Boats. (Check Current Price of Scott’s on Amazon)

Best RV Toilet Paper

We have used Kirkland brand toilet paper from Costco for years in our RVs, and we have yet to face a single issue with our holding tanks.. We simply put a tank treatment tab down the toilet, adding a little water immediately AFTER we dump. This way the tab is at the bottom of the tank breaking everything up as it comes down.

If you insist on using toilet paper that specifically says ‘RV’ on it, get ready to pay about 4 times more. You can buy roughly 8 rolls for the same price as 30 rolls of toilet paper from Costco. The only time we have used TP specific to RVs happens when there is no Costco around.

What to do if you accidentally flush something down your RV toilet?

The first thing you do not want to do is get angry. Inevitably, something will make its way into your holding tank that shouldn’t be there. If its small enough to work its way through the drain, your fine. If not, you may have to remove your tank to have it flushed into an open tank so you can do the unpleasant job of sifting through the waste. Do not stick something down the drain to attempt retrieval of something else that went down the drain. You will be asking for disaster.

When all else fails, call an RV mobile mechanic. We have used one when we broke the switch on our battery disconnect cord.

If you are looking for ways to protect your RV, please check out our RV Surge Protector Review to see additional ways you can protect your RV.

If you are all set on your surge protector then we highly recommend you start planning your next trip. We also recommend that trip involve an RV rental in Colorado Springs. We rent out both our toy hauler and bunk house travel trailer to encourage those that are ‘on the fence’ about RV life.

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