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We purchased our 2019 Vengeance Rogue 295A18 toy hauler by Forest River in April of 2019. After an adventure that took us over 3,000 miles through all different types of terrain, I believe we can really give a qualified review of this RV.

We started in our home state of Colorado. We pull the Rogue with our 2018 Ram 2500. The payload limit is close, but thanks to our Andersen Ultimate Hitch weighing only 35 lbs we don’t have any problems.

We had no problems getting over the mountains as we headed west through Utah. Setup is a breeze. Its nice for the only real ‘to do’ item inside to be running the bunk down when its bedtime for the kids.

Travel trailers don’t come close to competing with the smooth pull of a 5th wheel. The Rogue feels incredibly secure going down the road. It is a bit tall at 13′ 4″ for our rig, but we have never run into clearance issues west of the Mississippi river.

5th Wheel toy hauler No Slide Outs

If you are looking at the Vengeance Rogue 295A18 5th wheel, you are undoubtedly looking for a rig with a large garage. That is what led us to the Rogue, because an 18 foot garage is hard to find in a toy hauler that can also sleep a large family.

The large garage has to be the biggest pro to this rig. We are able to fit a Ranger 150 side by side, a 700cc 4×4 ATV, and two dirt bikes. Its rare to find a toy hauler that can actually fit all our toys. The biggest reason the Vengeance Rogue can fit all these toys is because there are no slide outs.

Normally a slide out makes the space larger, but you can’t leave your slides out while driving down the road. When the slides are in, it takes space out of the garage. This is a frustration point for large side by side owners, as well as people with multiple toys.

Another big pro to this unit is the number of tie down points in the garage. There are several d-rings throughout the unit, from front to back. We use 4 straps on the big ATVs and two on the handlebars of each dirt bike. The only points sharing a strap are the ones in the middle between the two ATVs. (See red X in picture below.)

vengeance rogue 295A18

The last big pro, in my opinion, is the lack of slides outs. I have heard nightmare stories on the road of people having slides break or come off track, or even a cable breaking. Slide outs are great, but I prefer not to have them on our toy hauler. If we weren’t using it to haul toys I would love to have them.

Anybody buying the Vengeance Rogue is probably doing so because they have toys to haul. This is that rare floor plan that is somehow better without slides. The high ceilings in the toy hauler make it feel even more spacious than our larger travel trailer with slid outs.

The toy hauler door doubles as a back patio, and its friggin’ awesome sitting on that thing in the evenings.

Vengeance Rogue Problems

The biggest negative to this rig is the lack of comfortable sleeping beyond the master. The master is nice with our mattress topper. The top bunk is really quite comfortable, too.

The fold down couches that convert to a bed are another story. The bottom bunk and Optional Roll Over Sofa are horribly uncomfortable to sleep on. In fact, many times we fold them up in favor of an air mattress on the floor. You can still use the top bunk, so then six people can sleep comfortably.

This is the part everybody asks about. How was the warranty work? How much is the maintenance? This is hard for us to answer because we haven’t had any issues with this unit. We did break the battery connect button, but that was self inflicted. The mobile mechanic charged $200 to replace, which was reasonable considering he drove to our site so we didn’t have to bring it in. Our dogs broke the original blinds, and a bamboo replacement was $50.

This is a four season unit with heaters on the tanks. Because there aren’t any slide-outs, it insulates pretty well for an RV. Ours came optioned with the Cummins Onan 5500 watt generator. It uses about an 8th of a tank per weekend trip we take. That is running non-stop to keep both A/C units running while we are out dry camping with the toys.

best 5th wheel toy hauler for the money

Overall, this is a great unit if you know what you are looking for when buying. As far as toy haulers with 18 foot garages, this has been amazing. I can’t imagine a rig out there having a better setup than the Rogue for fitting two big ATVs and two dirt bikes. That being said, I am writing this review the same day we went to look at new campers.

Would I buy this Rogue again? Yes, if Christy and I were the only ones using it. While we still have all the kids with us, its not great for traveling without the ATVs and dirt bikes. From a quality standpoint, I have no complaints. But as far as livability, there are 5th wheels with better floor plans for a large family. For more information on Forest River’s Vengeance Rogue line click here.

The lighting is horrible, but video below is a walk through we did for the YouTube channel.

If you are in the Colorado area, you can find more information about renting our 2019 Vengeance Rogue 295A18 on our RV Rental page.

5th Wheel Full Time RV Living

The Vengeance Rogue 295A18 is definitely a weekend warriors RV. We were full time RV living in the 5th wheel over the summer and it was rough. The open concept doesn’t allow for privacy and division of space that our family needs.

This could be the perfect 5th wheel to full time in for a couple without kids. In fact, every time we think about selling it, I think about what an awesome rig it will be when the kids are gone. I have plans of converting the garage space to an office so we can travel and work in complete comfort.

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