Unique Things To Do on the Oregon Coast

unique things to do on the oregon coast

The Oregon coast was one of favorite places to visit. While we have a lot of new places to explore, we keep asking ourselves when we are going to make it back to the Oregon coast. Hopefully it will be soon! It is simply a wonderful place and there are so many unique things to do on the Oregon Coast. 

First of all, the coast was exactly how I had imagined it. Green, quaint and picturesque.  The roads were windy. You get these perfect glimpses of the ocean coast as you drive through all the greenery.  Then there are the places that you stand on the coast and can’t even believe how stunning the views are. I could sit along the shoreline and listen to the waves crashing for hours.

Ok, so what did we really do on the Oregon coast aside from admiring all the beauty?

RV Park in Waldport, OR

We traveled from Boise west to the coast so we have not yet visited the southern part of the coast (once again it is a priority on our travel list). Our first destination was Waldport, OR where we stayed at McKinley’s Marina and RV Park. This is where we first went crab fishing.  

Unique Coast Activity No. 1 – Crab Fishing

Truly, if you are on the Oregon, try crab fishing even if you are not into fishing typically. Its one of those things that you just have to experience. At McKinley’s Marina and RV Park, we were able to rent a boat and go out ourselves.

Once we tried the boating version, we found ourselves at Walmart purchasing our own crabbing gear and the boys went crab fishing from the shoreline. (Here is a kit on Amazon that includes everything you need.) Of course, there are the most popular times for crab fishing. We were visiting in late July and were told that the following week was when the crab fishing would kick into high gear. We still had success and were able to enjoy the freshest crab we have ever experienced.

Ryan wrote his best tips on crab fishing in this article.

unique things to do on the oregon coast

Unique Activity No. 2 – Glassblowing in Newport, OR

Glassblowing was one activity that Ryan nor the boys were excited to try. However, I insisted we try and they all absolutely loved it. And now we have their beautiful works of art to enjoy at home. We booked sessions at Oregon Coast Glassworks. If you are near Newport, go do this!

You have several options to choose what to create. Then you also pick what colors of glass you want to use. The artists at this location were amazing. You work one-on-one with your artist and he/she explains and helps you through the entire process. I love educational and fun activities! We all walked out with huge grins on our face from the experience.

From Glassworks, we explored Newport a little more. We headed down to Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Unfortunately, we were not that impressed). However, from Ripley’s, we wandered down onto the docks and enjoyed looking at all the boats. There was even a group of sea lions close for us to admire. We love seeing any type of wildlife!

Netarts Bay

From Waldport, we head north up the coast to Netarts Bay and stayed at Netarts Bay RV Park. There were so many fun activities to do in this area of the coast too. We went crab fishing again, and finally learned how to clam. The drive in was beautiful, although it felt a little tight at times thanks to the mature trees.

Cape Mears

One thing I had to check out while being on the coast was a lighthouse. We headed to Cape Mears to see the lighthouse. This was a fun little walk down the coast. It was absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, when we arrived the lighthouse was closed. We were not able to tour it but we did enjoy admiring the beauty in the area. Supposedly, there is an Octopus Tree here in the same area. I’m not sure why but we could not find it that day. We were evidently looking in the wrong area. If you visit, let us know where you found it so we know for next time!

Ryan’s Favorite Unique Activity – Tillamook Creamery

Everyone in my family has a sweet tooth. Sometimes its unfortunate and gets us into trouble (don’t expect cookies to last in my house more than a day). When I saw we were near the Tillamook Creamery, I knew we were stopping to check it out. Its a fun free tour with free cheese. And besides sweets, I do love cheese. Now, Ryan is not big into samples when anyone can try them. So we did not actually sample the cheese. However, its a fun tour to see the factory.

We saved the best part for last. The ice cream. Holy cow! It was delicious. Enough said? Go get yourself some.

unique things to do on the oregon coast


Similar to crabbing, Ryan and the boys love clamming. It’s because it is a challenge and we were not successful at first. Once we figured out how to find cockerel clams, it then became a competition between our family as to who could find the most. We share our secret to finding clams in this video below.

It really is a fun activity. Its muddy, so anybody with balance issues on slick surfaces may not have fun. Otherwise, people of all ages can have a blast finding clams and releasing them, or taking them home to cook for a snack. (Just make sure you’re licenses.)

Munson Creek Falls

Another activity I always plan is hiking. Munson Creek Falls is the tallest waterfall in the area and I wanted to see it. It was a short and relativity easy hike and the waterfall was gorgeous. This area is full of greenery and so enjoyable. Make sure you take your bug spray for this hike. This may be a unique activity on the Oregon Coast, but it doesn’t mean it will be an enjoyable one if your bit by mosquitoes.

Fun Things to do in Central Oregon

While we loved the coast, we truly loved all of Oregon (how many times can I say that we love Oregon in one blog post?) If you are traveling through Central Oregon, we recommend Collier Memorial State Park to see Crater Lake.

We also loved hiking to the Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool. While in this area, we stayed at Belknap Hot Springs, Lodge and Garden. Its a place we want to visit again!

If you aren’t staying at a modern RV park, make sure you keep a set of the best RV leveling blocks in your storage area. Some of the remote areas we camped in Oregon didn’t always have level sites.

We hope you enjoy your travel to Oregon, and we really hope you enjoy some of these unique things to do on the Oregon Coast. I know we did!

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