Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool Hike

This hike and lake will WOW you. I promise. Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool is a hike that is unfortgettable. So many times we have enjoyed a hike to reach a payoff that is disappointing.

That won’t be the case at Tamolitch Falls. It has the payoff every trail adventurer is looking for.

The trail is two miles each way. It did seem longer but I think that may be due to the twists, turns and uneven path. I loved the entire thing because we were surrounded with such beauty.

You get a different feel throughout the hike. There are portions that are densly populated with trees, and others that are more open next to water.

There are also areas that seemed much hotter than others due to a lack of air movement. You will look forward to those pockets up against the river because you can catch a nice breeze.

When you do arrive at the lake, you see it from above and it is jaw dropping.

tamolitch falls blue pool hike

One of my sons wanted to hike around to other side to touch the water. We started further around the trail and were told it was another mile to the other side. We did venture down to a farther area but did not make it around to touch the water. Next time!

These trails are not for young kids and those with mobility issues. There were several points were the trail runs alongside a cliff overlooking the river. Our kids made it at ages 14, 11 and 9, but we kept them close.

Blue Pool Hiking Tips

  1. Take plenty of water. This is always one of our top tips as we are not happy campers when we get thirsty on hikes. I always recommend the Sharkmouth. (Check price on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2xSmYUc) You can get about five bottles worth in many of them, and they are 1/3 the price of the CamelBak water filled backpacks.
  2. Wear good hiking shoes. The trail starts fairly flat and easy but there are many areas where you are stepping over tree limbs, rocks or gravel/dirt areas. Plus, since you are going to be hiking 4+ miles, you don’t want sore feet.
  3. Take a snack or a picnic (especially if you have growing boys like us). I did not pack any snacks and Preston promised me he would never go on a hike without snacks again…. LOL!
  4. Leave the stroller or wagon in the car. While the trail starts out fairly easy, it becomes harder to navigate with tree stumps, rocks, etc. We saw one family that pulled a wagon with little ones and they were having a difficult time maneuvering back to the car. They had to constantly pick up the wagon to lift it over uneven areas in the path.
  5. Take your camera. You’ll want to document the entire Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool hike.

Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool Camping

If you are looking for a nearby place to stay, I recommend Belknap Hot Springs, Lodge and Garden. We stayed in our RV, of course. There is also a lodge to stay. The boys enjoyed the hot spring pools and the scenery was gorgeous!

The drive from Belknap Hot Springs Lodge and RV Park to the Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool was roughly 15 minutes. It’s less than 10 miles, but the scenery in the area is so beautiful its best to slow down to let your passengers enjoy the drive.

Enjoy your hike! I know we did.

If Tamolitch Falls and Central Oregon are only part of your Pacific Northwest vacation, you may also enjoy things to do on the Oregon Coast. We had a blast in Oregon, both central and coastal.

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