Storing An RV

Storing an RV can be a major headache. If you still travel during the winter, and might encounter some cold weather then I recommend reading our winter RV travel hacks. Unfortunately, some of us are unable to travel year round. That means storing our RV somewhere. After getting a visit from our HOA today about our new RV sitting outside for two days I thought this might be a good time to discuss considerations when storing an RV.

Open vs. Covered RV Storage

Many RV owners prefer covered storage for their RV. Why wouldn’t you want a roof over your RV to protect it from the elements in the off-season? Yet many RVs are made with “Arctic” and “Four Season” packages so winter storage outdoors is an option, especially if you winterize. This choice is going to come down to local climate and your budget. Covered storage will be expensive, but it will protect your RV a lot better.

Consider This Before Storing Your RV

When choosing an RV storage location you should consider many factors. This brief list covers what I consider to be the most important for our area of high desert climate with a full winter.

Surrounding Location – Are there a lot of open fields, or water nearby? Then you may have to worry about mice and bugs living nearby making their way into your rig.

Sunlight – Many times you may want natural light in your RV to save power for your batter. When storing your RV you want to avoid that sunlight. The sun will fade paint and dry/damage seals faster than shade. If you cannot find covered storage, and your rig will be in direct sunlight, consider a camper cover to protect your rig from the sun. This goes for tires too. Tires sitting in direct sunlight are more prone to dry rot.

Insuring Your RV

Many people thing when your RV is in storage you no longer need to insure it. That could not be more untrue. Some of my biggest “worry” times come when our RVs are in storage. They are susceptible to all the things mentioned above, plus the potentially bad driving of the RV owners parked next to you. Our storage spot has 10 foot wide spaces so there is little margin for error.

Things like mice infestations, the weather if using uncovered storage, and even vandalism and theft are covered under comprehensive coverage for most RV policies. Talk to a good insurance agent, and remember, the cheapest insurance isn’t always the best insurance. If you are anywhere in Colorado we of course recommend our family owned agency for all your RV insurance needs.

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