Snoqualmie Falls

snoqualmie falls

If you are traveling to the Seattle area, one place you should not miss is Snoqualmie Falls.  You won’t be disappointed spending a few hours visiting a beautiful site.

Here are all of our tips for visiting Snoqualmie Falls.

There are several viewing points to see the waterfalls, and walking trails zig-zag throughout the park.  We parked in the upper parking lot and walked down the short paths to view the falls from the top. 

There is an incredibly beautiful hiking trail that gets you to the bottom of the falls. The terrain is rough, and not for the inexperienced if you want to get a good view off the trail once you reach bottom. If there is someone in your family who struggles with hills and un-level trails in a few areas, the upper viewing deck might be the only accessible area.

There are plenty of accessible walking paths and viewing platforms. You will have no shortage of amazing photo opportunities.

Best Time to Visit Snoqualmie Falls

There are posted signs to beware of cougars and bears.  Ryan thought he saw a bear along the trail at one point that turned out to be a large brown piece of wood.  (Yes, we all had a fun laugh.) 

All the greenery does make a great spot for wildlife but we did not see any. It also creates great hiding places for the kids to explore.

I enjoyed reading the posted information signs throughout the park for the fun facts and tidbits of information.

We were able to leisurely enjoy the area because the weather was so nice. I have heard fog can cause issues with the view. The best time to visit Snoqualmie Falls is in the afternoon, and during the summer. This will minimize any chances of the weather being uncooperative.

After a short trek over some rocks, Peyton and Preston (our two youngest boys) were able to dip their feet in the ice cold stream water.  They would have loved to stay and play on the rocks and in the water all evening. 

It was not the easiest to maneuver around the rocks in flip flops so tennis or hiking shoes would be better for climbing over the rocks.

Snoqualmie Falls is dog friendly, as long as they are on leashes.  Beta and Chloe loved checking out all the new smells and playing in the cool stream water. 

We visited a few hours before sunset, but the gift store had closed by the time we walked over to check it out.  However, there is the gift store along with restrooms near the parking lot for those that make it in time.

Snoqualmie Falls Distance From Seattle

We were staying at an RV part that was very close to the north end of Seattle. It was a short distance of about 30 miles to get from Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls, or a 45 minute drive depending on traffic.

The drive time was right to the point where the kids were getting bored. (Can you guess how they feel about moving days?) It is definitely worth the trip. The beauty of Snoqualmie Falls was unmatched on our trip.

Whenever we get home from a trip we go through the photos with friends and family. Our photos from the Falls received praise from everybody. It was the bright spot of our Seattle RV travel adventure.

Make sure to check out this wonderful spot on your trip to Washington! We included some footage from our visit in our Seattle video for our YouTube channel. You can check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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