Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support Review

You may have pulled up at the campground and noticed every sewer hose in sight has started to sit on this accordion style device. What you are most likely seeing is the Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support from Camco. This is one of the most popular sewer hose supports on the market and for good reason. I know we love ours.

Why You Need a Sewer Hose Support

The first reason you need a sewer hose support is to avoid the low points in your drainage every time you have to run your sewer hose over an obstacle. Those low points do not allow drainage to flow properly, and if not addressed will make a mess of your campsite. Not to mention, an awful smell. With the Sidewinder you can go around most obstacles, or right over.

The Sidewinder is great because it starts out tall and gets shorter as it gets farther away from your RV. This ensures a constant downhill flow to prevent your hose from getting plugged. A plugged hose can create a mess at your valve, as well as inside your camper.

It can also help create a downhill flow if you are uphill to drain. This was a major reason we purchased the Sidewinder. I was tired of being on a “level” space, but not getting full drainage from our hoses. This happened because the drain was slightly uphill from our campsite.

Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support – Check Price on Amazon

sidewinder rv sewer hose support review

Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support – Check Price on Amazon

What Length Sidewinder Should You Get?

I have seen sewer hose supports from various manufacturers and the majority of them land within the 10′ to 20′ range. I don’t know why anybody would want a 10′ sewer hose support. The Sidewinder does not take much space in your storage area. You can always stretch a 20 foot support to just 10 feet, but you cannot go the other direction.

We like the 20 foot support because it guarantees our 20 foot sewer hose won’t have to touch the ground. I don’t like the hose getting wet from the grass, and it’s prone to sticking and gets the storage area dirty. The Sidewinder keeps our hose off the ground and our storage area stays clean of grass clippings.

sidewinder rv sewer hose support spread out
Chloe showing me she can stretch too!

One other item you need to consider is a way to clean your sewer hose. I recommend the Rhino Sewer Hose Rinsing Kit.

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