Should You Get An RV Dishwasher?

rv dishwashers

It may be hard to believe, but dishwashers do not come standard in most rigs. I say that because of the price, not because dishwashers are a necessity item for our household.

There are a lot of questions to ask before buying an RV dishwasher. Questions aside until the end, lets look at all the benefits RV dishwashers can bring to your travel experience.

Benefits of RV Dishwashers

The obvious benefit of an RV dishwasher is the return of time. Rather than standing over the sink scrubbing dishes for an hour, that time can be spent playing games with family. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time vacationing while on their vacation? Isn’t that the entire point of RVing? Its a non-stop vacation the second you leave the driveway, until the second you get back home.

In addition to the benefit of time being returned, there is the benefit of easier clean up. Rather than dishes and utensils floating around a tiny sink, they can sit in the dishwasher waiting for you to run it. Even when the dishes are clean they can remain in the dishwasher until the next meal, making storage an added benefit.

Types of Dishwashers Best for RVs

There are two types of dishwashers that work in RVs. First is the universal counter-top model like the Black and Decker pictures below. (Check Price of Black and Decker Counter-top Dishwasher) This model simply sits on your table or counter-top or anywhere close to your water supply. They remind me of a microwave in the way they look.

They do not support the size load your dishwasher at home does. Usually you can get dinner in there, but you won’t get the bowls and plates from breakfast and lunch too. Its a wash once per meal device.

rv dishwasher

If the counter-top model doesn’t fit the style of your RV you can always opt for a built in model. It will take a specialist to install, but it can be done. One big consideration to make is the cupboard space you will lose in place of your rig’s new dishwasher.

The benefit of the built-in models like the Furrion 18″ Built in RV Dishwasher (Check price) pictured below is the space it doesn’t take up. Sure you lose a cupboard, but you don’t lose precious countertop space. Furrion is a trusted name in the RV community, but they are also an expensive brand. The built-in models tend to cost over double that of the countertop options.

rv dishwashers

At the end of the day, putting a dishwasher in your rig is going to be expensive. A 175 piece set of disposable silverware and dishes is running about $25 right now, and a set like that would last a lot of part time RVers several years.

Some of the questions to ask yourself before buying an RV dishwasher all relate to space. First, do you even have room? If you think so, where will you put it? How will you store it on travel days? How often will you realistically use it? If you come up with legitimate answers to all of those questions then go ahead and get yourself an RV dishwasher.

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