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seattle rv travel

For quite some time, I have wanted to try Seattle RV Travel.  My curiosity was satisfied this summer when we were able to travel to Seattle in our 5th wheel camper.  There is so much to see and do in Seattle. 

I had a long list of places to visit but we were not able to fit everything in.  That happens quite often when we travel. You have to find a way to balance the desire to visit someplace new, and going back to somewhere you didn’t get to see it all.

In this case Seattle was a first for everybody in the family. We had high expectations based on reviews and other research we had done. In some ways the City

RV Adventures in Seattle

1. Pike Place Market – This place is crazy but fun!  We visited on a Saturday so it was full of people.  However, its an iconic place in Seattle so you have to check it out at least once.  The fishermen singing and throwing fish is a must see.  There are rows of booths with so many fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and honey.  Plus along the street, you can visit the first Starbucks shop.  The bubble gum wall is right around the corner.  It was larger than I imagined, and quite frankly, pretty gross.  Again, however, this is one of those things that is fun to see once.

2. Wings Over Washington – This ride is down on the waterfront near the Ferris Wheel.  It was about $80 for five of us to enjoy the twenty minute ride so its a fairly expensive activity.  However, it was a lot of fun!  The ride shows you lots of great information about Seattle and Washington in general.  Your seats move along with the ride as you fly over the best of Seattle and Washington scenes.  

3. Snoqualmie Falls – This was one of our favorite adventures near Seattle.  We love to get out and explore the outdoors. We spent a perfect evening hiking and admiring this huge waterfall.  Check out more details on Snoqualmie Falls here.

4. Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese restaurant) – This was the first time our family enjoyed dumplings.  Oh my, they were delicious. Yum!! In the front of the restaurant, we watched a team of chefs making dumplings.  That was a sight to see in itself.  Our waiter was so kind in helping us select a variety of delicious dumplings and explained the proper way to eat them.  Preston also ordered a delicious mango slushy!  

5.  After dining at Din Tai Fung, treat yourself to dessert at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.  Again, Yum!!  The ice cream was so creamy and delicious.  I do recommend sampling prior to ordering a cup.  Ryan and Preston ordered one of their favorites, cookie dough, only to be surprised that it was gingerbread cookie dough instead of the typical chocolate chip cookie dough.  

I saw a really cool t-shirt while we were there, and thankfully found it on Amazon. The Seattle Skyline was one of my favorite things to see. There was something nostalgic about it, and I’m glad we can memoralize that view with a cook t-shirt.

Last but certainly not least – Our helicopter ride!  What an adventure!  I found a Groupon for Helicopters Northwest for a helicopter tour over Seattle. 

Matthew, Peyton and I learned so many fun facts about Seattle during the flight.  The flight itself was about 20 minutes but we spent about an hour at the helicopter hangar. 

We learned about the floating bridges, saw the homes of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, flew right by the Space Needle and learned about the different neighborhoods around Seattle.  I highly recommend this adventure! 

rv travel leads to helicopter ride

A side note on the floating bridges….  One of the reasons I love traveling is to see, feel and experience different places.  I loved traveling around all the water, through the tunnels and across the bridges of Seattle (such a different experience than I am accustomed). 

On one of our first trips across a floating bridge, I commented on how low the bridge was to the water.  When I later learned that it was a floating bridge (thanks to our helicopter pilot), it made perfect sense!  I never even knew that they built floating bridges.

Seattle RV Parks

1. Budget accordingly as Seattle is quite expensive.  Down on the waterfront, we ate lunch at the Crab Pot.  Ryan almost fell off his chair when we saw the prices for lunch.  Preston wanted to order crab but it was going to cost over $50 for a crab meal for him.  Guess who had to choose something different….

We also paid almost $5 per gallon to fill the truck with diesel. Seattle RV Travel is fun, but expensive.

2. Seattle is full of narrow streets and hills which can be challenging while driving a large truck (a necessity when you are pulling a toy hauler).  At times, we were nervous because the streets were so narrow.  We parked in a parking garage and rode the bus downtown when we went down to Pikes Place Market and the waterfront .  We did not want to try maneuvering the streets or parking downtown in the truck.  

Vasa Park Resort Review

In selecting an RV park for our stay, I booked Vasa Park Resort in Bellveue, WA.  Next time we travel to Seattle, we will find a different place to stay as Vasa Park Resort was, unfortunately, not for us. 

The spots were so narrow that we could not extend our awning without touching the camper next to us.  They hold private events which made it challenging to come and go through all the additional people and vendors. 

We were not able to run our air conditioning because we had limited power.

I selected this Seattle RV Travel park because it was right on the lake.  The boys were able to enjoy the swimming dock and water slide.  However, we were told not to fish anywhere near the resort even though there is a boat launch right near the RV spots. 

The only spot they wanted us to walk the dogs was across the street and through a large parking lot.  It is not an easy task to convince the dogs to wait during a ten minute walk before using the restroom. 

We made the best of it but were ready to move along to the next RV park.

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