San Diego Zoo

tips for visiting the san diego zoo

As a world famous zoo, the San Diego Zoo is a must visit place when exploring San Diego.

On the way to the zoo, we all had an animal that we wanted to see the most. Surprisingly, our favorite animals at the end of the day were different than what we expected. We saw so many incredible animals that we were not expecting.

Zoo Tickets and Entrance Fees

Go City Pass – I spent quite a bit of time researching the most cost effective approach to activities.  I started out by googling activities and narrowing down what we wanted to do.  I then discovered the Go City Pass which tremendously helped in planning.  There are so many wonderful options with the Go City Pass and we were able to select which options we wanted. 

I loved the koalas.  They just look so squeezable. 

The tiger was pacing right near the glass.  The size of his head was astonishing.  The muscle and power you could see in his body as he paced was astonishing.  What a powerful animal.  He was so incredibly beautiful.

I will say, one item I wish we had was kids sunglasses. After this trip we ended up buying a couple pairs for each of the kids. Amazon has several sets for around $10 and you have a few more style options than the $10 pair at the gas station. (Check Price on Amazon)

Animals at San Diego ZOo

The most exciting thing we saw was the dog in the cheetah cage.  I had recently seen something about a dog and cheetah who became friends.  Then we saw it and it was incredible.  When we arrived to the cheetah cage, we watched the cheetah meadering back and forth.  He was whining every few minutes like he was wanting something.  A few minutes later, a dog was released into the cage.  The cheetah then relaxed and laid down in the shade.  We read on the sign that the dog was a rescued lab/husky mix.  How incredible are these two friends.  No doubt this was one of the coolest things we experienced. 

San Diego Zoo Gondola Ride

I was excited to ride the sky gondola ride over the zoo to get a great view of the zoo from above. However, I was quickly disappointed when I realized that the views were of the trees and other greenery. Don’t get me wrong. Its a fun ride and you get a great view of downtown San Diego. You are not able to see any animals besides seeing the tops of the aviaries. If that was your hope, its better to make the walk through the exhibits instead.

San Diego Zoo vs. Omaha Zoo

If I am being completely honest, I do think I prefer the Omaha Zoo.  Don’t get me wrong, if you are in San Diego you cannot skip visiting the San Diego zoo.  Its amazing. 

The thing that I love about the Omaha Zoo is that there are different ‘atmospheres’ to visit.  There is the rainforest in a building that you walk through and explore.  There is a dessert area in a dome to zig zag through the paths.  Then in the basement, there is a swamp.  It is my absolute favorite.  Beware that it may be a little scary for little kids (or adults too…)  It is dark.  You are walking over wiggling bridges near water.  There are alligators.  There are beavers.  It is awesome.  And creepy.  But so fun!  Ok, now ending my tangent on the Omaha Zoo. 

The point is that you must just travel to both and experience both.  It will be worth your time.

Our visit to the San Diego Zoo was absolutely amazing. The Zoo’s website will have up to date information regarding hours. –

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