RV Vaults and Safes

rv vaults

Not all RVers have a sticks and bricks home with a safe for their valuables. Even if you do have an option at home, there are some valuables you want to take on the road with you. RV Vaults are a great way to keep your personal property safe, while also keeping it close by.

There have been plenty of road trips where we need an important document for one of the kids. Having a vault or safe in the RV allows us to keep those important documents protected on our travels. With jewelry it is the same story.

Before we get into too much detail, first you need to know the difference between a safe and a vault. A safe is usually nothing more than a fire safe box. They are mobile, which means they can easily be stolen. A vault is much more secure as they are usually installed in place and cannot be stolen.

Types of Safes for an RV

rv vaults

Briefcase Safes– The SentrySafe Briefcase Safe (Check Price on Amazon) shown above is a popular option. It is compact, keeps your property safe from fire, and secured in a box that, hopefully, only you can access. This is a very affordable option as most of these safes come in with a price under $50. The downside to briefcase options like this is they are easy to steal. Leave your safe sitting out and it is likely the first thing a thief would take.

Document Safe– The document safe shown above, also by SentrySafe, is another affordable option. (Check Price on Amazon) They also come in under $50, and are slightly larger and more awkward for a thief to steal. An ambitious thief will still get away with this safe, but you will be protected in situations like a fire.

Types of RV Vaults

General Duty Vaults and Floor Safes – A general duty vault is going to cost you about double that of a document vault or briefcase safe. That is just the starting point for pricing on these units. Amazon has an affordable option pictured above (Check Current Price) with a price right around $100. This is going to be your safest option, if you can find room. These units are able to be bolted down to your rig, which means no thief is walking out with your property unless they too have a large tow vehicle.

Floor safes are another vault option for your RV. You will have to be comfortable cutting into your rig, but if you are a floor safe can be a great hiding place. Cover it up with a rug and all your property will be secure and hidden. I would only recommend a qualified dealer install your floor safe. They are the only ones that can be certain about what is located under your flooring.

If you enjoyed this information on RV vaults, please consider checking out our RV organization tips. You may even think of a few hiding spots for your next safe. Moving those heavy safes may also cause your bunger to build up. If that happens, you can check out our RV Meal Planning ideas to curb that appetite.

We hope to see you on the road.

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