RV Travel Apps

rv travel apps

There are many options when it comes to RV Travel apps. Here are some of our favorites. (*Bonus* All of these apps are free!)

We use several different apps on our adventures. I recommend you do the same. Often times each app has its own niche, and while one may find you a great RV park, it may not be good at avoiding low clearance bridges. Hopefully you see where this is going.

You will need an app to help you find and RV park, as well as an app to get you there. We use apps to find things to do and places to eat while traveling too, but we will stick to the RV specific apps for the purposes of this page.

Best app to find RV parks

RV Parky helps to find RV parks. Search an area for RV parks and read reviews on all the options. The app allows you to favorite specific parks. You also have the ability to filter parks by rated stars, the type of park you want (or do not want) and by amenities.

Another feature I love about this app is the ability to set up specific trips. You enter the route and are able to search for RV parks along your route. The app will calculate miles and driving times.

best app for RV maps

We encountered a major issue the day we left the RV dealership with our new toy hauler fifth wheel. Driving from Greeley to Cherry Creek State Park in Denver, I drove us down a road that had low hanging trees.

Therefore, we learned a big lesson and learned it quickly. The height of your RV can make a huge difference in your route. The Truck Map app allows you to input the height, width and weight of your camper and create a route to avoid areas you should not drive.

Once we spent more time on the road, we did learn that we use a combination of both Truck Maps and Google Maps due to the fact that we also love Google Maps. However, if we are going to be traveling on side streets or anywhere other than the interstate, we check Truck Map to ensure we do not travel down a path that could cause us issues.

Best app for free camping

Bookdocking (or dry camping) is always great as we, like most people, appreciate free. I love checking the Boondocking app for free places to stay at both destinations and along our route. As individual campers can enter places into this app along with their comments, I like to use other sources to verify the camp spot. However, I always use this app to kick off my research!

This app has both free camping for those who plan to stay in a tent, as well as people who use an RV. It does a great job of letting you know what type of camping is allowed at each location. After all, you don’t want setup your tent in a Walmart parking lot.

If you plan on camping and cooking outdoors, I highly recommend you read our pick for best grill for camping.

Best app for hiking trails

We love to explore the outdoors and hike, hike and hike some more. All Trails is an excellent app to find places to explore. This app will even help find the perfect trail to fit you. You search an area, find a description of the trail, the length, the level (easy, moderate, hard), a map of the trail, the weather along with reviews from other hikers.

rv travel apps

These are four apps that we frequently use for our RV travel. What apps are your favorite? Drop us a comment below so we can check it out!

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