RV Towing

rv towing

There is no topic more serious than RV towing. You are moving your home, whether full time or temporary is irrelevant. Every trip should follow the same safety checklist to ensure a successful tow. Safety should always be the primary concern. The first step towards towing safely is to educate yourself. Know your rig length and high, weight, and other essential figures.

RV Towing For Beginners

The biggest mistake I see beginners making at the campground is getting in a panic. No judgement here. I have been there and done that. Yelling at your significant other when they are trying to help you back in is a common sight. Take your time. This is crucial. Don’t worry about what anybody watching is thinking. Focus on your mission of backing a house into a 14 foot wide campsite.

Another tip for first timers and beginning towers is to take turns extra wide. In my head I always think, “Drive 10 feet further than you think before starting your turn, and hug the outside edge.” While I don’t have a 100% success rate at avoiding curbs, its probably pretty close. Take your time, take it wide and hug the outside.

RV Towing with Ram 2500

I would love to give all kinds of information on the most popular tow vehicles, but my experience is limited to my 2018 Ram 2500. My biggest complaint is the payload that is limited to just over 2,400 lbs. That really constricts you on size of 5th wheel. I have the 6.7L Cummins Diesel, so in regards to travel trailers, there aren’t many I can’t tow. We call the tow vehicle “Bessey.” I’m not sure why, but its probably something I was randomly shouting while pulling “Curious George” up a large mountain pass, and it stuck. (Curious George is the name of our 5th wheel.)

Towing Accessories

Hitches, auto sliders, and more… For Travel Trailers I recommend the Pro Pride 3P. (See ProPride Install Here) The only bad publicity I have seen thrown at Pro Pride has come from Hensley Mfg. – their biggest competition – and people who don’t even own a Pro Pride 3P. Look, these things are ridiculously expensive. However, they eliminate trailer sway better than any other hitch on the market. Hands down.

rv towing

There are tens of thousands of people safely transporting without the high priced Pro Pride, but my recommendation is for the best. Nobody competes with the Pro Price 3P, and there is no sponsorship, discount, nothing for endorsing them. If you simply cannot justify the Pro Pride, the Equalizer is a decent weight distribution system for a much lower price. You won’t have the anti-sway, but something is better than nothing.

For 5th wheels I recommend the B&W companion if you have a full size bed. Anything else and you need the Demco Hijacker Auto-Slide. This thing makes turning in a short bed a breeze. As I mentioned above, we have payload issues with the Ram 2500 so the 35lb Andersen Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection has been our hitch. We’ve been across the country and back in our Vengeance Rogue using the Andersen and we have no issues.

If you enjoyed the information provided here, please consider reading our RV safety tips. It is loaded with information about staying sage while on the road.

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