RV Toilet Treatment

rv toilet treatment

Nobody wants to spend much time talking, or reading, about RV toilet treatment options. Like many things in life, its the simple things like forgetting your RV toilet treatments that can completely ruin a vacation. Imagine heading to the campsite after a fabulous Taco Tuesday dinner with the family. Its a hot summer week, and you forgot your toilet treatment drop-ins or liquid.

There is an easy solution to make sure this never happens. Stock both toilet tank drop ins and liquid. When you run out of one, you order more, but still have toilet treatment while you wait. This is especially important for those that boondock. If you cannot empty your tank, nothing will get rid of the smell except your black tank treatment tabs.

One other thing that will help prevent smells from building up is to make sure you only have clean water in your RV. A good RV water filter really does more than you think.

RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

rv toilet drop in
RV Toilet Treatment Drop-In

Drop-in toilet treatments are probably the most popular method of keeping your holding tanks odor free. They are simple and always in stock. You don’t have to worry about knocking the bottle over and spilling all your toilet treatment.

The instructions for drop-ins are simple. We put one in at the start of the trip, and add another if it begins to smell. We have large tanks on our 5th wheel toy hauler, so sometimes it takes more than one. Our travel trailer on the other hand has a much smaller tank and one treatment does the trick.

Toilet Treatment Liquid

Having used both drop-ins and liquid treatment options, its safe to say both solutions get the job done. Whether you use a drop in or a liquid is going to come down to preference. We use drop-ins because they are easier for us to store, but have used liquids whenever it saves money.

The biggest problem with liquid toilet treatments is the possibility of spills. It is always cheaper to buy in gallon form, so you can get roughly 45 treatments off a $10-15 purchase. Not bad when compared to drop-ins. However, I often found the three ounces was never enough. Its tough to make a comparison in savings because the liquid isn’t something we usually measure. It also doesn’t help that we let the kids pour it in sometimes.

RV Toilet Treatment Review

There are three toilet treatment solutions that can all make a claim as being the best in their class.

  • Camco TST Drop-In
  • Walex BIO-PAK Drop-In
  • Camco TST Concentrate Liquid

The best Natural holding tank treatment is the Walex BIO-PAK – Check Price on Amazon. The Walex drop-in treatment uses an all natural enzyme as part of its breakdown process, and it even uses all natural deodorizers.

There are times where it may not be possible to access an all natural toilet treatment. In those cases you will certainly be able to find the Camco TST Drop-in Tank Treatment – Check Price on Amazon. The Camco brand can be found in many retail stores and just about every RV parts and service department.

If liquid tank treatments are your preferred method of keeping things clean then Camco once again gets the MoreFamFun seal of approval. Camco TST Concentrate – Check Price on Amazon – is a liquid you dump down your toilet. It takes just three ounces to keep a 40 gallon tank clean.

If you have time, please read our RV water filter review. Its amazing how something so simple can provide such a relief when staying at older RV parks. Thanks for reading!

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