RV Tank Flushing Hose

Now that we picked up our Transcend 29TBS we went through the process of choosing our new RV accessories. One of those accessories is our RV tank flushing hose. This hose is used exclusively for tank flushing and never tank filling. But did you know it can be dual purpose?

Before we get into the review, take a quick moment to learn from our mistakes. With our first RV we purchased two of the same hoses, one for filling and one for flushing. The problem was that they both looked the same and we didn’t have a way to determine which was which the second time we took our RV out. We were complete newbies and learned the hard way. We ended up converting them both to flushing hoses and buying a new (different colored) hose for filling the tank.

Attachment for stinky slinky cleaning

Why Does a Tank Flushing Hose Matter?

Why do you need a separate hose for filling and flushing? For me, its as simple as this. Your flushing hookup is gross. It feeds into your black tank and if it is plugged and shoots back out of the line your hose is contaminated. I consider it contaminated the second its hooked up to the tank flushing valve. I can’t imagine a scenario where we would take a hose that touches the black tank and use it to fill the tank that feeds our faucets. Gross.

sewer hose rinser kit
Our first RV accessory to arrive!

Camco Rhino Flex RV Tank Clean System – Check Price on Amazon Here

Why The Camco Rhino Flex Clean System?

It is all about the reviews! An RV tank flushing hose isn’t the kind of item to generate a lot of reviews. This system has almost 1,000 reviews and is very close to a full five stars. The hose is a bright orange color, so you will never confuse it for your potable water hose. The best part, it has a hookup for your stinky slinky so you can thoroughly clean it too. This hose is dual purpose, which is the ONLY way it can be allowed in the RV!

As an amazon associate we earn from qualifying purchases. That being said, we purchased this kit ourselves and love it. The photos are from our sticks and bricks home.

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