RV Surge Protector Review

rv surge protector review

Ever wonder why you need a surge protector for your RV when it has a fuse box? This RV surge protector review will explain why and so much more. Whenever the topic of electrical comes up it is easy to go down a rabbit hole of complex terminology. We like to keep things simple, so lets get started.

Why do you need a Surge Protector?

This is a common topic that comes up. Many people don’t understand why they need an RV surge protector even though there is a fuse box. A quick search engine query on fried RV fuse boxes should put this argument to rest quickly. Many RV parks and campgrounds do not have stable power supplies. Anytime you are dealing with a potentially unstable electrical supply, it makes sense to have a surge protect act as a “break in the line” before it reaches your RV.

The RV power converter is another item that can be damaged from unstable power supplies. This takes the power from your 30 or 50 amp service and allows your RV to also charge the batteries. A surge protector will prevent that from happening.

Another big reason is cost. If you fry the fuse box in your RV, repairs and service are slow and expensive. While a surge protector is not cheap, the cost of a new one is often the same as the MINIMUM cost you can escape from your dealers service department.

Best RV Surge Protector

There are a lot of opinions on the “best” surge protector. In the surge protector industry, sometimes you get what you pay for. Most RVs and campers are $20,000+ and up. Is spending $300 on a surge protector that big of an expense in comparison to the value of your RV/camper? Probably not.

We have always used surge protectors from Progressive Industries. In fact, we currently use model: SSP-50XL that we purchased for around $150. (Check Current Price on Amazon Here)

rv surge protector review

This Progressive Industries RV Surge Protector is UL certified. This UL listing means that UL (Underwriters Laboratories) has tested representative samples of a product and determined that the product meets specific, defined  requirements. These requirements are often based on UL’s published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety.

Hopefully this RV Surge Protector Review was helpful in your search. Keep your RV safe so we will hopefully see you on the road one day. Also, be sure to check out our RV Generator Review if you are in the market. Generators are such a big investment so it makes sense for you to do your homework before purchasing one. I like to compare my own research to that of others to make the best decision.

I have found there are times when someone else considers a point of view I haven’t. For example, I was concerned with a 50 amp surge protector because the majority of parts we stay at have only 30 amps.

I read a review about how you can use an adapter for your surge protector just like you would for your RV. The point of the article was to shine light on the fact that for the rare occasion when you have 50 amps. you would be better off with the bigger surge protector. You’re fine either way when hooked on 30 amps anyway.

Finally, we have to share some updates to our favorite RV travel apps after a recent visit to Snoqualmie Falls. We added a new one that helps us find all kinds of free boondocking and dry camping locations. This was a huge help when we had to burn a day between stays at an RV park.

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