RV Shower Head Replacement

rv shower head replacement

The factory shower head in our Transcend 29TBS broke during our first trip. It was an accident on our end and nothing the manufacturer, Grand Design, did wrong. We were on the road when it happened and ended up taking a crash course in RV shower head replacement. Thankfully, we found an awesome replacement and want to share it with you!

Camco 43714 Shower Head Kit with On/Off Switch and 60″ Flexible Shower Hose (Check Price on Amazon)

replacing an rv shower head

Heading to Iowa in our new Camper was so exciting. We had been standing around playing with everything before our trip, and one of the kids left the shower head hanging down. After 750 miles of travel, I was not surprised to see the shower head was damaged. They are made of plastic and are not sturdy.

We ended up getting to the RV park after hours, and I am the type of person that has to take a hot shower in the morning after a long day of travel. I knew a trip to the closest 24 hour retailer was going to happen the second we were completely unhooked.

Wal-Mart was the only retailer nearby open at 11 pm. I didn’t know if they would even sell shower heads for RVs. I was thrilled when I saw the Camco brand in their plumbing department.. Almost as thrilled as I was when I noticed the shower heads said universal fit. The Camco 43714 Shower Head Kit with On/Off Switch and 60″ Flexible Shower Hose (Check Price on Amazon) is very similar to the model we picked up.

How To Replace Your RV Shower Head

Full hook ups allow many RVers to take a “normal” shower. When you don’t have full hook-ups the process is very different. Often times I find myself turning the water off while soaping and shampooing to save the water in the tanks. You can’t change your shower head every time you boondock vs staying at an RV park, so it makes sense to have a single shower head that works for both. That means a shower head with an on/off switch.

So how do you replace the shower head? Its simple. There is a screw like washer that holds your shower head hose in place. Unscrew that, turning counter clockwise, and you will be able to pop the hose and shower head off together. I recommend replacing your shower head as part of a kit that includes the new hose. Those come factory sealed from hose to shower head which will make leaks less likely.

It is possible to replace just the head and keep the original hose, but I am not sure why anybody would want to do that. Most shower heads come with a hose, so it makes sense to replace it too. Plus this way the hose matches the shower head.

If you are dealing with an RV shower head replacement not related to physical damage, you may have an issue with your water filter. Hard water can build up and cause flow issues out of your shower head. Having a good RV water filter will help avoid a second RV shower head replacement in the near future.

We have found the water source near our storage location creates mineral build up around our faucets and its the worst around the shower head. When we use a water filter before filling our tanks we have less of a problem with that.

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