RV Rental Colorado

rv rental colorado

With mountain views available in every direction, once you’re west of I-25, its no surprise people are enjoying RV rental in Colorado. The state has an outdoors vibe because skiing and hiking are two of the most popular activities. Camping is also a popular activity. With bears and mountain lions in the National Forests, camping in an RV is preferred by those coming from out of town.

Most natives know you have nothing to worry about as far as Mountain Lions go. Bears will only be an issue if you don’t properly store your trash.

So who can benefit from renting an RV? Everybody can. Seriously. Having an indoor space makes camping a possibility for all members of the family. You don’t have to go far to enjoy yourself either.

Some of our happiest guests were actually natives. They wanted to try camping in an RV, but not take on the long term expenses that come with it.

RV Rental Near Colorado Springs

If camping in the mountains without modern facilities near by, then camping near the mountains is the next best thing. One popular place to check out is Colorado Springs. There are plenty of mountains nearby, and there are plenty of RV parks in town. Garden of the Gods RV park is a well reviewed facility in town if you are able to get a reservation. Check out our available RVs to rent near Colorado Springs here.

The biggest issue with setting up in Colorado Springs is going to be vacancy at the nice RV parks. All of the nice facilities look booked year round. The winters are definitely mild in Colorado, but there are definitely weeks we prefer our sticks and bricks due to the weather.

RV Rental Near Lake George

If you are renting an RV near Lake George, CO its probably because you enjoy riding OHVs or fishing. The Lake George area, and all of Park and Teller Counties, offers miles of amazing trails for ATVs and dirt bikes. Elevenmile Reservoir and Spinney Reservoir are nearby and offer amazing fishing. Elevenmile State Park offers plenty of camping with 335 sites and full hookups. (See our common RV terms if you don’t know what full hookups are.)

We also found out Mueller State Park has an awesome facility for RVs. Its a little bit closer to Colorado Springs than Lake George, but still a solid hour drive from our home. This State Park has amazing trails for hiking, and some of the best mountain views imaginable in the RV park.

Renting an RV Near Hartsel

For those looking at RV Rental in Colorado, the National Forest near Hartsel offers plenty of dry-camping sites. (See common RV terms above.) There are also plenty of fishing opportunities near Hartsel, although it is recommended you brush up on your fly fishing skills first. The South Platte River offers excellent fly fishing, and there is no better place to rent an RV for a week or two. Remember, Hartsel is at elevation so this will not be a place where year round camping is recommended.

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