RV Park Review: McKinley’s Marina & RV Park, OR

The Oregon coast is amazing. We loved it and cannot wait to go back. We stayed in four different RV parks in Oregon and two along the coast. One coastal RV park was McKinley’s Marina & RV Park in Waldport, OR. Enjoy this RV park review of our stay.

Things to do in Waldport, OR

Waldport is a small town with one grocery store, a few restaurants and crab fishing! The first night we arrived, I decided to go pick us up dinner while the boys headed to the water to fish. As we just arrived on the coast, I was craving seafood. Unfortunately, I did not find a good seafood restaurant to pick up dinner but I did find three Mexican restaurants. Tacos and enchiladas were dinner that evening.

McKinley’s Marina & RV Park Crabbing

The people were so friendly! We truly enjoyed the lady in the office as she was so friendly and helpful. She, her husband and daughter live in the RV Park also. Her husband has a kayak rental business down on the water so we went down and rented kayaks one afternoon. The gentleman that helped us with the crabbing boat also lives in the RV Park and was super helpful and nice.

Speaking of crabbing boats, this is my second positive point for McKinley’s Marina & RV Park. We were able to reserve a crabbing boat directly from the RV park. For 3 hours it was $90 (in July 2019) and it included all the necessary equipment. As we have never been crabbing before, the nice gentleman gave us instructions and his best pointers. Once our three hours were up, they cooked the crabbed right there next to the dock for us. We walked across the driveway and were home to our RV for a delicious meal. (The RV park also sells a shellfish license in the office if you prefer to buy it there.)

How Clean is McKinley’s RV Park?

Clean! One of my biggest concerns about an RV park is whether or not it is clean. We check the RV park review boards before anything else. While we tend not to use the restrooms (showers or toilets) in an RV Park, I did stop into the restroom to wash my hands. The restrooms were clean. I also did laundry here and the laundry facilities were clean and centrally located.

While the spots were not huge, we were on the end with a large bushes forming a U-shape and giving us a little privacy. I loved our spot. Our neighbors on the other side of us were fairly close but they did have a picnic table and room to set up some chairs. All these spots were on concrete pads and were full hook-ups.

When we arrived on the weekend, the place was packed full. Along the bay are spots without hookups that are on grass. This may be their ‘overflow’ area when the full hook-up sites are full. These spots are right on the bay and you can walk down a small hill to the water. When we first arrived, most of these spots were full. We wanted to walk down to the water but did not want to walk through someone else’s campsite. We had a harder time finding a spot to get down to the bay. However, these spots were almost empty once it was Monday and left plenty of room for us to get down to the water.

rv park review mckinleys marina

RV Park Review: DisLikes for McKinley’s Marina & RV Park

While this did not bother us, I believe its a common complaint from other RV’ers. There were quite a few long term occupants at the park. One couple had been there for 8 years. There are a few RV’s with permanent decks and many outside plants. However, the entire park was still kept clean (Unlike some other RV parks we have seen with longer term residents).

Mckinley’s RV Park Review

Would we stay at this RV park again? Absolutely! We enjoyed our stay here and would definitely return. It was our favorite non-state park stay on our Pacific Northwest Tour. Hopefully you enjoyed this RV park review. If you want to see us review more RV parks please let us know in the comments. We have stayed at plenty and would love to share the experience with you.

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