RV Outdoor Rugs

rv outdoor rugs with horses

There is one thing above all others that will help keep your rig clean. RV Outdoor Rugs are the ‘must have’ accessory for anybody staying at an RV park, or boondocking, in a location where your rig doesn’t sit on a big concrete slab.

If you are RVing with kids it can be even harder to keep your camper clean. Kids constantly come in and out of the rig, tracking dirt every time. Not only will your rug give them a place to cleanly wipe their shoes, or leave them, it will also give them a space to play cleanly off the ground.

Another great accessory used to keep your RV clean is the keeping it organized. Check out this list of RV organization must have items. When you keep the RV organized it will lead to less stress and more fun on your adventure.

Outdoor Rug Sizes

Knowing what size rug you need is easy. Consider the activities you enjoy sitting right outside your rig’s front door. Now how big of a rug do you need to make sure doing such an activity doesn’t require you to step off the rug? That’s right, RV outdoor rugs are going to be huge.

Most of our rugs end up being close to 20 feet long. Both of our rigs are 36 feet or longer so a 20 foot rug both looks and feels appropriate. This is especially true when we are boondocking on BLM land.

RV Outdoor Rugs with Horses

rv outdoor rugs with horses

One of my favorite styles for an outdoor rug is a pattern that includes horses. It could be the Broncos fan in me, or growing up we had horses at home. We were heavily involved in the rodeo. I also love dog patterned rugs.

If you have a certain pattern or design that is relaxing, please let us know in the comments. I love to hear from others regarding how they de-stress.

Cheap Outdoor Rugs

The size of an outdoor rug needs to be so big that they are often more expensive than expected. For a rug that is roughly 10′ x 20′ you should be able to stay under $100. Anything larger and it will be time to bust out the pocket book.

The type of material will also play a big factor in the price of your rug. Our first RV outdoor rugs were made of some kind of plastic straw material. If we had a campfire there would be tiny burns in the rug. The cloth alternative was even worse because the bottom half of the rug always brings dirt with it.

We ended up opting for the plastic style rugs because they are light, affordable, and easy to shake out and keep clean in storage.

Make sure you have a good spot to store your rug. The bed of the truck is usually not a good idea unless you have something heavy to secure it down. We have had two rugs blow out of the back of the truck while driving to our next destination.

We highly recommend having plenty to keep you entertained on the road. Getting to and from your destination is often the worst part of an RV trip. Enjoy some of these RV travel books to improve the mood. Thank you for reading.

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