RV Organization Must Haves

Living in a small space requires RV organization in order to minimize the chaos. We are a family if five traveling North America in our RVs every summer. We have to take a few extra steps than most because its our family of five and three dogs. People often ask us if we are crazy, but the answer is no, we just really love to RV.

Here are our favorite ways to organize the rigs with Amazon links where applicable. We do receive a small commission from any purchases made through those links. It really helps us keep the RV dream alive, and it doesn’t cost you any extra using our links.

RV Organization Items

Command hooks and command strips – These are so helpful when organizing the RV because they are easy to install and can be used in many different ways! We have added several command hooks throughout the rig. They are perfect for hanging ball caps, belts, coats and keys. With these hooks, these items have a place and don’t get lost.

Bins – I love using bins to get organized. For smaller bins, one of my favorite places to shop is the Dollar Tree. However, make sure to measure any space before heading to the store.

RV Bathroom Organization

Shampoo DispenserOne of the challenges of moving your home is that your stuff will not stay in place. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles are perfect examples! These bottles fly everywhere in the shower during travel. Solve this problem with a perfect shampoo dispenser. It is less mess and less waste (especially with having three boys!)

rv organization shower
Click here for Pricing on Shampoo Dispenser

Toilet Paper HolderOne thing we don’t like to do is try to drill into the RV walls or woodwork. Therefore, when looking for a toilet paper holder, it should be adhesive instead of screws. We found and love this one.

rv organization
Check pricing on the Toilet Paper Holder here.

Toothbrush Holders – This is a great Dollar Tree hack. I purchased toothbrush containers from the Dollar Tree (one container works for two toothbrushes) or purchase them on Amazon here. Attach half of the container into the medicine cabinet with a command strip. Label each holder with everyone’s names. This is a perfect and easy solution to keep your toothbrushes in place and know which one is your toothbrush.

Bedroom Organization Items

Closet OrganizerOur Transcend 29TBS has two dresser drawers in the master bedroom. While this is two more than our Vengeance Rogue toyhauler, it is still not the amount of drawer space that we need. I found this great closet organizer that has provided us more space for folded clothes. It fits perfectly in the wardrobe and will hold folded shirts and pants.

Check the pricing of the Closet Organizer here.

Shoe OrganizerShoes are another item that can be a struggle to organize. It seems that we were constantly tripping over shoes that were laying everywhere. Thankfully, this problem can be solved with this shoe organizer. While it is intended to hang in the closet, it works perfect if you lay it on the ground. I then attach it to the wall with command strips so it does not fall over.

Kitchen Organization Items

Paper Towel Holder – Similar to the adhesive toilet paper holder, I recommend an adhesive paper towel holder. As a result, there is no drilling holes into the wood work or walls with this option. It is easy to install along with preventing your paper towels from moving during travel.

rv organization

For further information and visuals, check out this RV organization video! Let us know in the comments if you have any tips that we should know. Visit our Travel Inspiration page to find all out latest posts.

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