Installing RV Night Lights

rv night lights

RV night lights are incredibly convenient when installed in the right location. Both of our RV’s utilize the same style light. You simply push in on the light itself until you hear a ‘click.’ Its the same process to turn the night light off.

If you are installing a night light in your RV you need to make sure the light you purchase is RV friendly. An RV friendly night light will be a low voltage light. You don’t want to forget to shut your night light off, only to wake up to a dead battery.

Common RV Lights

rv night lights

Dome lights, also sometimes called puck lights, are one of the most common light fixtures in RVs. The dome lights in the photo above by Facon are available with different brightness settings. (Check Current Price on Amazon)

The nice thing about dome lights is their low profile. With space being so limited inside an RV, you cannot have a lighting fixture taking up room on the nightstand you likely don’t have. Not to mention, at resale time you won’t have to explain questionable fixture choices.

Unique RV Night Lights

If you want your RV lights to look like your car lights you can opt for the model below. Its a simple black and white wire on the back of both types of lights. Check the specs to make sure they both draw the same amount of power, but usually the vehicle style replacement lights come equipped with LED bulbs.

rv night lights

The only lights I recommend installing in your RV, if you are replacing factory lights, is to opt for LED. The LED bulbs draw a lot less power and will be very beneficial when you are running your AC and other small appliances.

Whatever you do, do not opt for lights that draw more amps than your factory night lights. You will very easily wear the battery down or cause issues in the fuse box by installing a light drawing too much amperage.

Installing New RV Lighting

The process to replace your RV lighting is simple. Assuming you have factory dome lights, you simply pull off the dome, unscrew and remove. Under the dome there will be a plate the dome fastened to.

That plate is probably held in place by three screws. Once the screws have been removed you can pull out the wires and continue with the installation. Black wire to black wire and white to white.

Accessories Needed for Installation

The wiring should be black and white to match the wires on your replacement lights. You will need some wire connectors to complete the job. Here is a 240 piece wire connector set for sale on Amazon for less than $15. (Check Current Price on Amazon)

I also recommend wrapping a layer of electrical tape around the wire connector. It will prevent the connector from falling off due to the shakes of the road. It probably isn’t necessary, but its worth the extra step to not have to go through the hassle of opening it back up if the wires come loose.

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