RV Must Have: Collapsible Garbage Can

There are a lot of things that are obvious ‘must have’ items for your RV. A . collapsible garbage can is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.. This truly is hidden gem to have in your RV. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full timer, surely you have battled with limited garbage space, or an obnoxious garbage can. Having a can that you can pop out when you need it, then empty and collapse it again when your done, will save you a ton of space in your RV.

And you won’t have to worry about a garbage can floating around and spilling all over.

Best Collapsible Garbage Can

A collapsible garbage can, also known as a pop up trash can, is such a great item for your RV. When not in use, it collapses down for safe storage. That means its not floating around in your rig while driving down the road. Space is so important when inside your camper/RV so being able to fold the trash up when empty feels refreshing. Obviously, we prefer to store the trash outside, but when boondocking the weather conditions (or wildlife concerns) don’t always allow that.

rv must have

The pop up trash can shown above is made by Coghlan’s. (Check Price on Amazon) They also have a blue pop up trash can used for recycling. While it may not look big in the photo, this collapsible garbage can holds 30 gallons of trash. That means no running to the campsite/rv park trash-bin multiple times per day, unless you want to.

We like to keep our garbage empty as much as possible. That’s a side effect of RV traveling with dogs. If you like to let your trash build up before you empty it this is the garbage bin for you.

There are times when we cannot empty the trash (or don’t want to) due to weather or some other unforeseen circumstance. The nice thing about this pop up trash can is the lid. We can close it off to keep the dogs out of it when needed. Its also nice because it keeps the garbage from spilling out if it accidentally gets knocked over.

RV Accessories That Are A Must

Honorable mention goes to an item that probably comes to mind first, and its an RV mattress topper. Everybody knows the factory mattress from most manufacturers is the same as laying on a stiff board. You can check out our RV mattress topper review here.

If you don’t feel like reading the full review, here are the key points. First, a memory foam mattress topper is usually 2-3 inches thick and very soft. Its a nice counter to the stiff factory mattress and makes sleeping enjoyable again. I have tried several mattress toppers and I prefer the Lucid Ventilated Gel Memory Foam (Check Price on Amazon).

If you haven’t already done it, please be sure to check out our YouTube channel for additional RV accessory information and travel inspiration. If you can think of any other must have items for your RV please leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you on the road!

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