RV Ice Maker

rv ice maker

It’s the biggest issue plaguing the RV industry in 2020. A lack of ice in our beverages is becoming a frustration point, and the freezer on our RV refrigerator isn’t cutting it. By the time you put a few frozen pizzas in the freezer, along with some popsicles, you don’t have room for ice trays. It won’t be an issue for everybody, but for a lot of us an RV ice maker is the only answer.

A portable ice machine can solve all your ice problems, but it will only add to the problem of limited counter-top space. When combined with a good cooler, and outdoor table, a portable ice maker is a great RV accessory. When you are stuck leaving it inside on the countertop, that is another story.

Best RV Ice Maker

rv ice maker

The Bossin Countertop Ice Maker shown above (Check Price on Amazon) is as close to commercial grade ice making as you will get. It can make 33 lbs of ice per day. If you prefer speed over quantity, the Bossin will have ice in your cup in just 6 minutes.

What really sets the Bossin apart above other ice makers like Vremi and IKICH is how quiet it is. For an ice maker with a 2 quart water tank, you won’t believe how quietly it produces ice. In addition to being quiet, it is energy efficient which is a feature at the top of every RVers list.

Do you like your ice cubes large or small? With the Bossin it doesn’t matter. You can select the size cubes you want, producing both large and small cubes. Honestly, I know this is starting to sound like a sales pitch, but this ice maker is legitimately awesome.

Best Value Portable Ice Maker

In addition to being fast, able to produce large quantities of ice and being energy efficient, the Bossin is a great value when compared to other ice makers. They have several different machines available, some capable of making you 44 lbs of ice per day. We have a smaller unit that is more than sufficient. We have come across others on the road with larger ice makers (not sure on brand) and they are definitely louder.

No more ice jams, no more going with out ice. Pick up the Bossin today and you will start enjoying cold drinks tomorrow, or whenever it gets delivered.

Here are the COMPLAINTS. Yes, I was raving about this machine. I don’t know if it is all ice makers, or just the Bossin, but it is kind of heavy. To the tune of 25 lbs heavy. Most other machines I see are closer to 17-20 lbs. It is definitely quiet, but I doubt they are adding that extra 5 lbs in insulation.

We have an engineer in the family who thought it was probably due to the quality of parts used. That theory makes sense, assuming quality parts weigh more than their counterparts. If its the other case, that would be another downside to the Bossin. It hasn’t ever been an issue, it just seems unnecessarily heavy.

Make sure only the purest water makes its way into your ice maker. We recommend checking out this RV water filter review for annual updates. Keeping your water clean will help your ice stay crystal clear.

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    An ice maker in your kitchen is one thing, but an ice maker in your RV is another level. Sounds like it’s time for cocktails!

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