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When your RV sits stagnant for extended periods of time it is prone to damage. One easy way to protect your investment is with an RV cover. When you store your rig outdoors it is getting damaged without a cover. The seals on the roof will begin to crack, and even your tires will start cracking.

There are literally thousands of reasons you need an RV cover. They protect your rig from wear and tear caused by the elements. They prevent water damage. This list goes on and on. Now that we all agree, everybody needs and RV cover, we can talk about the types of covers available.

Review of RV Covers in Cold Climates

dark top rv cover
Dark Top RV Cover for Overcast Climates

A cold climate RV cover will often have a darker color to it, especially on top. There are a variety of designs and models available. I like a balance between conventional and flashy. The ADCO Aqua Shed, pictured above, is made for moisture intense environments. RV owners in areas that get a lot of snow will love this model. (Check current price on Amazon)

The ADCO RV cover is three layers on both the sides and top. The triple layered material will ensure long term durability, and protection from early aging. In turn, this also helps resale value when you decide to upgrade. Sizes are available for travel trailers as small as 15 feet all the way up to 37 feet.

RV Covers in Sunny Climates

white top rv covers
White Top RV Cover for Sunny Climates

In a hot climate you don’t want to attract sunlight. This is why safari vehicles often have white tops as well as other vehicles designed for desert climates. Your RV cover is no different. If you are in a warm climate and will have your rig sitting in direct sunlight, you need to get an RV cover with a white top like the ADCO model pictured above. (Check current price on Amazon)

Its not the heat, its the UV rays from the sun that will ruin your rig. Those UV rays will dry, crack and oxidize your seals. This is why it is so important to check your seals every 90 days. Even when your RV isn’t stagnant, if it sits in the sun it can take damage. Smart RV owners take care of their rigs.

Other RV Cover Types

The above models are shown for travel trailers, but the same concepts hold true for other RV types. One item I also recommend on the covers below is a large ladder if your rig doesn’t have one. Our toy hauler doesn’t have a ladder for roof access and your simple 8 foot A-frame at home won’t be tall enough for a rig over 13 feet. The toy hauler is 13′ 4″ and I am 5′ 10″ roughly.

The math only works if your standing on top of the ladder and it won’t be stable. This is definitely a two person job, and make sure you have the appropriate ladder before putting it on.

Here are the ADCO covers for those models:

ADCO 5th Wheel RV Cover – For 23-41 foot 5th Wheels Available on Amazon

Class C ADCO RV Cover – For 20-32 Foot Class C RVs available on Amazon

Finally, for you Class A owners…

ADCO Class A CoverUnder $500 on Amazon

If you are looking for an RV cover it must be time to winterize. Think carefully before you put something in your RV’s freshwater tank. Check out our review of the safest RV antifreeze. If you enjoyed this information on RV covers please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. It helps us put this kind of content together for you.

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