RV Cooking Accessories

RV Cooking Accessory

Extra space in our RV is always hard to come by. Most of the time anything that makes its way in your rig must serve a dual purpose. That is a little harder to find when you are talking RV cooking accessories. The # 1 RV baking accessory on the planet will take up about a half inch of space. It gets stored in an area where you will rarely see it too.

We have you covered on stove-top cooking accessories too. Drawer space is just as limited in most RVs, so accessories that do not serve a dual purpose must not take up room. Keep reading to learn about the ‘must have’ item that cleared the clutter from our kitchen!

One surprise item that can really improve your cooking ability in the RV is a water filter. We’ve done the research to find the best water filter for your rig. You can read our RV water filter review here.

Best RV Baking Accessory

Its no secret, the ovens in most RVs are horrible at cooking food evenly. A very simple and affordable solution is adding a pizza stone. We leave the pizza stone in our oven 100% of the time because it evenly distributes the heat throughout the stone, which then cooks everything above the stone evenly.

You do not need a pizza stone or baking stone that is the exact size of your oven. Even a small stone will work to evenly distribute the heat. We use the Waykea 10″ x 10.4″ stone. Its actually made for toaster ovens, but it works perfectly in the RV. (Check Prize of Waykea Baking Stone on Amazon)

rv baking accessory

RV Cooking Accessory Must-Have

The best RV cooking accessories are not only useful, but also help clear the clutter. Say hello to the Nest Utensils Compact Stacking Kitchen Tool Set with Magnetic Storage Stand by Joseph & Joseph.. (Check Price on Amazon Here)

This little gem helped us clear an entire drawer out of our travel trailer. We tossed the ladle, soup pouring spoon, the spatula and the whisk. The magnetic system holds all these utensils in one space. We simply pick it up off the counter and move it to the corner of the stove when driving. Its amazing how something so small and simple can make travel that much more enjoyable.

When the cooking is over, it will be time to focus on clean up. Washing dishes in the RV is not fun. Using a filtered water system can help. Check our our RV Water Filter Review to see which brand of filter we recommend.

Best Instant Pot for an RV

The Instant Pot is a popular kitchen tool for a sticks and bricks home and it is also a perfect accessory for the RV. More and more I use my instant pot for dinners while we are traveling. Everything from pasta to chicken to desserts can be created in the Instant Pot. Its fairly easy clean up and it helps with easy meal. I even used our Instant Pot for steaming crab legs and clams while on the Oregon coast. Amazing!!

I prefer the 8 quart size (Check Price on Amazon) as we are a family of five (with three hungry boys). However, there are smaller sizes available if you are trying to save more space in the RV. We now have an Instant Pot in our sticks and bricks home and one in our RV. I wouldn’t want to leave home without it.

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