RV Camping Collier Memorial State Park

rv camping at collier memorial state park

The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to tour. There are plenty of places for RV travelers to visit. One of our favorite spots was RV camping at Collier Memorial State Park. We absolutely love state parks and once again, we were not disappointed. This place has nice and level concrete pads, with full hook ups and 50 amps. I don’t recall the exact price, but like most state parks it was reasonable.

Camping at Collier Memorial State Park is not for everyone. You should only go if you enjoy the peace and quiet of a spacious RV park. If you are looking for a park that is a bit more social, this is not the one. All of the sites are spaced out. You will still see and hear your neighbors at times, but its nothing like a normal RV park.

Fishing at Collier Memorial State Park

If you enjoy fishing you will love the location of the park. There was a river running through the backside of the campground which provided excellent trout fishing opportunities. If you don’t have a pole, I recommend this list of the best fishing poles for the money.

RV camping at Collier Memorial State Park also affords you some of the best fishing in Oregon just a couple hundred yards away.

rv camping collier memorial state park

One of the biggest reasons for staying at Collier Memorial State Park is due to its proximity to Crater Lake. It appeared to be a short distance away on Google Maps. However, the entrance you will want is on the North side of the Crater. It ends up being a solid 45 minute drive from the State Park to Cater Lake.

Aside from the drive to Crater Lake being longer than expected, you will be pleasantly surprised with the area in general. Scenic drives help break up some of the boring that comes on long road trips. There were plenty of trails for those who enjoyed hiking. There were also plenty of scenic lookout points for those who prefer to tour from the car.

rv camping near crater lake

We didn’t have high expectations for the park because our primary concern was visiting Crater Lake. There must be something about visiting a place when you have low expectations. You will be blown away!

Collier Memorial RV Park Review

One thing we have learned we don’t like about a lot of campgrounds and RV parks is the tight navigation. Our 5th wheel is roughly 36 feet long, and there is no problem navigating through the park. If you get the opportunity to go camping at Collier Memorial State Park, I highly recommend you take advantage.

There are also plenty of maps available for when you are navigating without your rig and simply want to know where you are going. Each campsite has plenty of space between neighbors. We were able to make new friends, and even came across a famous YouTube dog.

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