Royal Gorge

royal gorge

If you have been to Colorado, but haven’t visited the Royal Gorge, you are definitely missing out. Whether you are passing through the area, or making a trip dedicated to the Gorge, it will be an experience you will never forget.

Even the views on the drive to the parking lot were amazing. We saw fantastic mountain scenery, wildlife and a beautiful sunrise.

Getting to the Gorge early is improtant. For us, meeting a group of roughly 25 people tends to slow things down. It was a good call because there was so much to see and do, we were rushing out of the park at closing time.

If you want to visit the Royal Gorge, but not make a day out of it, that’s also an option. We spent a lot of time reading and learning at the various stations throughout the park. If you simply want to catch some amazing scenery, ride a zip line or Gondola, then head home it would still make an amazing trip.

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

There are two ways to cross the Royal Gorge. Crossing takes courage. The Gorge is formerly the worlds highest suspension bridge. The bridge held the title of tallest suspension bridge in the world. That record lasted for 75 years before the Aizhai Bridge was constructed in China.

It is over 900 feet from to the bottom of the gorge. Luckily, the bridge is plenty wide. You can walk down the middle, looking straight ahead, and avoid those uncomfortable views you might see walking near the edge.

Heights don’t usually bother our family, but there were a couple of us with queasy stomachs walking across for the first time.

royal gorge bridge

If walking the bridge is too much to handle, you can take a Gondola ride. Its a bit of a cramped space, and I wouldn’t recommend on a windy day if you have a weak stomach. Thankfully, our ride was smooth and the kids loved it.

A zip line gives you a third option to cross the Gorge, but only when coming back from the far side. That means you will be forced to cross via the bridge or Gondola at some point.

How far is Royal Gorge from Colorado Springs

A short drive from Colorado Springs to Cañon City lasts about 45 minutes and offers plenty of scenery. The Royal Gorge won’t be the cheapest form of entertainment you can find, but it offers spectacular views, lots of different activities to try and much more.

royal gorge kids in gondola

Views will include white water rafters and a train in the bottom of the canyon, and spectacular views of Fremont Peak and YMCA Mountain. Its a true representation of everything great about Colorado. The park offers plenty of “extra pay” opportunities beyond the standard price of admission. The zip line is an extra cost, and they even offer instructor led climbing where you can scale the Gorge walls for a fee. There is no shortage of activity if you’re brave enough.

Be prepared to make your visit an all day event. The park is spread out so there will be a lot of walking.. Ticket prices start at $20 for the 6-12 year old range and $25 for 13+ and adults. Children under 6 are free. That can add up for a large group. There are plenty of places to camp in the area if you are bringing an RV.

Tips when Visiting Royal Gorge

  • Bring your camera
  • Don’t forget sunglasses
  • Chapstick with SPF (wind and sun will burn/chap your lips)
  • Use Sun Screen

There is a common theme among three of those four tips. They are all in reference to sun protection. Colorado is sunny 300 days per year, and the sun is always way more intense than it feels. At altitude you will feel cooler and won’t feel your skin burning. I’ve seen it many times from friends and family that visit. (And don’t take our advice!)

If traveling to Colorado from a distance, check our our Best for Travel Tips. Also, visit the official Royal Gorge website: Here

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