Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Garden of the Gods is a well known spot to visit in Colorado Springs. We love Garden of the Gods (GOTG) but let us tell you about another great spot in Colorado Springs where you can enjoying a beautiful day. Red Rock Canyon Open Space is one of the coolest hiking and climbing areas around, and its just 5 minutes from GOTG.

There are a lot of great things to do around Colorado Springs, but nothing beats a free activity. You guessed it. Red Rock Canyon is completely free. You pull in, hopefully find a parking spot, and make your way down many of the fascinating trails.

trekking poles for hiking red rock canyon
Trekking Poles for Hiking

One item I highly recommend before making your way to Red Rocks Open Space is a good set of trekking poles. The poles shown above are 5* rated and are currently less than $40. (Check current price on Amazon here.) These making hiking and climbing so much easier. I have found when I use trekking poles on our hikes, I have less back pain the next day. Hopefully this tip will save you from the aches and pains that can come after a long hike.

Hiking Red Rock Canyon Open Space

The Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a free spot for hiking trails, biking, horseback riding or letting your fur babies run.

red rock canyon open space

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is west of downtown Colorado Springs or south of Garden of the Gods. There are two parking lots. If you are traveling with your RV, you should be able to pull in, park your RV and stretch your legs. However, if it is a busy day, like our recent visit (60 degree November weather), the parking lot may be full.

There are many options (routes, distances) for hiking trails throughout the park. Most of the trails are fairly easy. There are some hilly areas (as expected at the base of a mountain). Otherwise, they are flat red gravel trails.

If you are a bike rider, and especially an adventurous one that likes to jump your bike, you must check out the bike area at Red Rock Canyon Open Space. There is an area near the parking lots with some wooden ramps. If you ride up the hill, there are larger jumps and quite a few trails. We typically see many riders having a blast in these areas. Don’t forget your helmet!

Your dogs will also love this place as there are two off-lease dog areas. Of course, our huskies love walking all the trails but they especially love when they have the opportunity to run without a lease. There are trails through these areas also. You are able to exercise and admire the views while the dogs run!

Red Rock Canyon Colorado Springs

Horseback riding is also allowed on the trails. If you get a permit, rock climbing is also an option. We always see climbers tackling the massive rocks here.

Check out the video below for additional information and to see the Colorado beauty.

Also, be sure to check out our RV Rental page. Rumor has it, and I have it on good authority, there will be an additional unit available soon.

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