ProPride Hitch Installation

We recently finished our ProPride hitch installation for our new Grand Design Transcend 29TBS RV. The ProPride 3P hitch is a great addition for our recreational vehicle. When pulling a travel trailer I can’t imagine a scenario where we use any other type of hitch. So how difficult is installation of the ProPride? Well, if you look on YouTube it can seem pretty frustrating. However, if you follow the step by step instructions it isn’t too bad.

How Long Does ProPride Hitch Installation Take?

The instructions that come with the ProPride hitch will tell you it takes about two hours. That number is fairly accurate, assuming you have all the tools needed. I also filmed the install so it took me a little longer. Between running to Lowes for tools, and setting up the camera for all the various shots, it took me about 4.5 hours to install.

What Tools Are Needed to Install the ProPride?

The hitch comes with a 3/4″ ratchet, and a 15/16″ socket with breaker bar. You will definitely need additional tools to complete the install. Here is a quick list:

  • 15/16″ Socket/Ratchet
  • 15/16″ Open Ended Wrench
  • Tape Measure
  • 9/16″ Socket/Ratchet
  • 9/16″ Open Ended Wrench
  • 3/4″ Socket/Ratchet
  • 11/16″ Socket/Ratchet
  • All Purpose Grease (I recommend a grease gun to fill grease zerks)
  • 1 – 1/8″ Socket/Ratchet
  • 1 – 1/8″ Open Ended Wrench
propride hitch extension kit installation
ProPride 3P with Extension Kit

Biggest Obstacles During Installation

There were a few steps in the instructions that I head to read several times. For me, those steps were “solved” by knowing what parts I was working with, and pulling up an image of a correctly installed ProPride 3P to “figure out” what I was doing.

Its also important to utilize the customer support, if needed. While I never needed to call to complete install, I am told those that have were impressed by the excellent customer service. For me, its more efficient to do a quick search on my phone if I am running into problems.

Overall, I don’t think the installation is too difficult if you use common sense. You can check our ProPride Install Instruction video on our MoreFamFun YouTube Channel.

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