Gold Mine Tour in Cripple Creek

Have you ever experienced being 1,000 feet underground? Want to know what it was like to be a miner many years ago? I have the perfect adventure for you… A gold mine tour!

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine is located in Cripple Creek, CO. You will have the opportunity to tour a real gold mine and learn about the mining industry. We recommend this experience because it is both fun and educational.

We have lived in Colorado for years and its always such a nice surprise when we find a unique activity that is both fun and close to home. Before you make your trip, be sure you have everything you need in your RV tool kit. Cripple Creek is a remote town at least 20 miles from the closest neighboring town.

Unique Colorado Experience

Getting down 1,000 feet is the trickiest part especially if you are claustrophobic at all. The elevator is tiny and they squeeze in as many people as possible. You will be crammed in tight. However, do not let that deter you because it’s worth the few minutes in the tight elevator to go down and experience the tour! Once you make it to the bottom of the mine, the temperature does drop so I recommend taking a jacket.

Our tour guide was full of great information. We were all intrigued by the stories and history we learned. It was amazing to hear what the miners would do including young kids that would work in the mine. You also hear how dynamite would sound echoing through the caves and were able to go for a ride on a tram. At the end of the tour, you even leave with a little gift..

Allow some time to wonder around the outside of the mine. The views are beautiful and there is old mining equipment to check out. Plus there is a little gift shop for a souvenir.

If you prefer to avoid tight spaces this won’t be for you. Once you are down in the mine it does open up, but there are still tight spots. The elevator ride down is enough to know its a hard pass for Ryan should we decide to go back someday.

It was a nice activity to check off our list. Its a unique experience the kids still talk about, and will for years to come.

entering gold mine tour
Safety first in the hard hats!

Scenic Drives in Colorado

The drive to Cripple Creek is worth the trip in itself. It is only about an hour from Colorado Springs and you will enjoy gorgeous mountain views along the route. Chances are also high that you will see some wildlife. We have seen elk, deer and mountain goats on several occasions along these roads.

In addition, while you are near Cripple Creek, make sure to check out the town. It is so cute to drive down the main street. If you are feeling lucky, you are able to test your luck at the numerous casinos throughout town. Stop for some ice cream and fun trinkets or gifts in the general store.

Above all, the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine is a great adventure. We enjoyed our tour and hope you do too!

gold mine tour
An enjoyable little ride through the mine.

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