Gift Ideas For RV Owners

They’re an odd bunch, RVers that is. That’s why its no surprise you may be looking at gift ideas for RV owners in your life. Well look no further as we breakdown some of the best gifts an RV owner could hope for. If you’re on a tight budget, check out the stocking stuffer section at the bottom.

Best Gift Ideas for RV Owners

  1. RV TPMS – This is a RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and is probably the most important item on this list. The biggest hazard an RVer faces is on a moving day. Your tires should be one less thing to worry about. The TPMS from BELLACORP is the system we have been eyeing based on feedback from other RVers we know, and the research we have done online. – Check Price on Amazon
  2. RV Solar Panel – Harbor Freight has a decent panel they carry under the Thunderbolt brand, and we used it our first season. We ended up picking up a second panel, a 30 watt Renogy. Our minimal usage of electronics was still too much for the 25 watt Harbor Freight panel to keep up, but it was still better than no panel at all when boondocking. Check Price of Thunderbolt at Harbor FreightCheck Price of Renogy on Amazon
  3. RVLock Door Lock Replacement – RV owners know there is an industry wide problem with locks. There are a handful of keys that unlock almost all factory locks on the majority of RVs. That’s why replacing a door lock is a huge safety feature for an RV family, and RV Lock makes one of the best. Check Price on Amazon
  4. Collapsible Step Stool – Space is precious in an RV, which is why Camco makes a collapsible step stool. Camco is an industry leader for RV accessories so you know this is a quality stool. Check Price on Amazon
  5. X-Chalk RV Wheel Stabilizer – Wheel chalks are another step in the setup and take down process. The x-chalks are easy to use and don’t require as much bend in your back since they are “set” by adjusting the top with a wrench. Check Price on Amazon

Awesome Gifts for an RV

  1. A Folding Table for Camping – There isn’t a lot of counter space in an RV, which is why a folding table is a must-have. It serves multiple purposes, and one that folds up tight won’t take up precious space. Check Price on Amazon
  2. Collapsible Garbage Can – Many times the garbage is out for a few seconds before it is filled up and goes out the door to the nearest dumpster. Most RVs don’t have room for a traditional garbage to be taking up space. This makes the pop-up/collapsible garbage cans a must have. Check Price on Amazon
  3. Toilet and Holding Tank Drop-Ins – Is it weird buying little scented squares to “treat” your human waste in an RV holding tank? For an RVer, it is no weirder than someone receiving a scented candle for their sticks and bricks home. Check Price on Amazon
  4. RV Shower Head – The key to a great RV shower head is one that is good at water conservation. An on/off button on the shower head is a big plus, and Dura Faucet makes a stylish one. Check Price on Amazon
  5. Vent Insulators – Most are going to be 14″ but sneak a measurement and order for a friend. They really do make a difference! Check Price on Amazon
  6. Travel Inspiration Books – NatGeo has an amazing book covering travel spots in all 50 states. It is called 50 States, 5,000 Ideas. Check Price on Amazon
  7. RV Surge Protector – Progressive Industries is who we use, but there are a lot of good options. Just make sure to check the reviews because a surge protector is not something you should take a chance on just to save a couple bucks. Check Price on Amazon
  8. RV Water Filters – Camco TastePure RV Water Filter is who we use, but that is only until our current supply runs out. Then we will switch to Aqua Crest. These water filters need to be replaced more often than many RVers think, at a minimum twice per year. Check Price on Amazon

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for RV Owners

  1. RV Level Indicators – Camco makes one called the T Level Assist. Its a low cost item that can help ensure you are level during setup. Check Price on Amazon
  2. Scissor Jack Drill Socket – This little gem of an accessory makes dropping your stabilizers and weight distribution system so much easier. The majority (all that I have seen) of scissor jacks and stabilizers use a 3/4″ bolt head. Putting this in your cordless impact/drill will make getting stable a breeze. Check Price on Amazon
  3. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – Maybe a TPMS isn’t in the budget this year, or maybe you ended up on the naughty list. Either way, a digital tire pressure gauge is the next best option. Check Price on Amazon
  4. Wrap-It Storage Straps – These are great for bundling up extension cords, power cords, and even hoses. Its a simple strap that you stretch around whatever you are bundling together. Check Price on Amazon

other gift ideas

Aldi Quarter Holder – Many RVers come across Aldi during their travels. Pick up your Aldi fan one of these quarter holders, so they are never without a cart. Check Price on Amazon

If you enjoyed this list of gifts for family or friends that own an RV, you will also enjoy our Eight Must Have Items for your RV Toolkit! You won’t want to be stranded on the road without a few of these items.

If there are other gift ideas that you think would be great for an RV owner, please let us know in the comments. We are obviously very involved in the RV community thanks to our YouTube channel, and are always looking for unique gift ideas for friends.

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