Funny RV Yard Signs

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Whether hanging out at the RV park, or hanging out at the sticks and bricks, it’s completely normal to want to show the world your love for the RV lifestyle. One way to do that is with an RV yard sign.

There are plenty of inspirational signs, so we are going to focus on comedy with our funny RV yard signs. I always enjoy walking by a neighbors site and getting a chuckle from their funny RV yard sign.

Funniest RV Yard Signs

What makes a good RV Yard Sign? Something that gets attention as people walk by, and something that shows your flair for the comedic side. There are two different types of funny signs too. There are the ironically funny signs, and the inappropriate signs that seem to come up most often.

Here are our top 5 funniest RV yard signs and quotes we saw last season.

#5 Funny RV Yard Signs

Number 5 – RV Parking Only – This isn’t a new sign, or even a design that is exclusive to camping and RV life. It is still a classic sign that will let everybody know you’re serious about travel. What makes this sign funny, is when you place it somewhere that obviously only a car could park.

#4 funny rv yard signs

Number 4 – The Really Vocal Copilot – This particular sign gets a lot of mentions on long drives. It doesn’t matter where the destination is, or what the plans are, there are always really vocal copilots. This sign is a subtle way to share your appreciation with such person.

#3 funny rv yard sign

Number 3 – Camping Problem – I’ve seen many variations of this sign. From “just another couple with a camping problem” or even swapping the drink of choice from beer to wine. There have been many nights when we’ve shared a glass of wine with a neighbor.

number 2 funny rv yard sign

Number 2 – We Sleep Around – This is a classic in the camping community. With campers moving from site to site like sailors moving from port to port, there are a lot of people that will giving a passing thumbs up walking by this sign. It takes a lot of bravery to put up this funny RV yard sign

number 1 funny RV yard signs

Number 1 – Shitter’s Full – Its a classic line from one of the funniest movies involving an RV. The movie is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Chevy Chase plays the infamous Clark Griswold and Randy Quaid’s ‘Cousin Eddie’ comes by in his RV. While emptying his blank tank into the storm water drain in front of Clark’s house, Eddie yells “Shitter Was Full!” while casually drinking his morning beer. Neighbors pass by and the message doesn’t change.

Funny RV Movies

Its one of the funniest moments in the movie and always gets the family laughing. Such a classic has surely been seen by a large percentage of the RVer population. Check out the Shitters full scene here.

If you haven’t seen the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing immediately to go watch it. It really is a classic not just for those living the #RVLife but in general its a great comedy.

Hopefully you enjoyed these funny RV yard signs. If so you might also enjoy our best gift ideas for RVers. Thanks for reading, and please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel. It helps us reach our goal of being able to work remotely while traveling full time.

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