Full Time RV Laundry – Everything You Need To Know!

full time rv laundry

Laundry is one of my most dreaded tasks in our normal schedule. It seems to be a never ending chore, especially when you’re doing RV laundry. As soon as I think its almost done, I find more dirty clothes. Please tell me I am not alone in the laundry battle. And sadly, the dirty laundry does not magically disappear while we are on the road traveling. (I can always hope, right?!?) However, I have discovered that I almost prefer a weekly trip to the laundromat verses almost daily loads at home. The tips below will help make the most of your laundromat trip. I hope you love easy and efficient when it comes to household chores like I do!

Laundromat Prep

My first tip might be obvious to some. However, it was not obvious to me at first. I used to be that crazy lady that would drag many laundry baskets into the laundromat then sit there and sort as I threw items into machines. Hello!?! This caused me to spend more time in the laundromat, risked dropping or losing items and overall appeared to be a big mess.

Tip #1 is sort laundry in the RV! In addition, make sure to apply any stain remover treatment while sorting. Any step completed before arriving at the laundromat makes the trip easier and quicker. I cannot tell you how much easier this made my life! Now when I arrive to the laundromat, I carry in one or two bags (more info on these below), dump into a machine and get the first load started. I then go out to the car, bring in the next bag or two and get those loads started next.

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So, the bags I mentioned above are also life changing and are tip #2. I tend to be germophobic so I have issues putting clean clothes back into dirty laundry baskets. Plus finding the correct size of laundry basket that would fit into specific places in the RV can be a constant challenge. The laundry bags pictured below solved both problems for me and I love them! Now we fill these bags with our dirty RV laundry, I throw them into a machine with my loads and I can put our folded and clean clothes back in a clean bag to carry back to the RV. Plus, I can stick these bags easily into different places in the RV. Again, love them!!

The best benefit of the laundromat is that you can use multiple machines at the same time. With a family of five (which includes three active, sometimes stinky boys), we have a lot of laundry. I love being able to load four or five machines and wash it all at once. This brings us to tip #3. Try to schedule your laundromat visit during a non-busy time time. Its not always possible but if I have the opportunity, I will go early in the day during a weekday. Aiming for a less busy time will allow you to use multiple machines at once. In order to get in and out as quickly as possible, I like to load it all up and not have to wait for machines to become available.

RV Laundry Supplies

Tip #4 pertains to laundry supplies. Keep a basket in the RV that includes all of your laundry supplies. Mine has a handle and is easy to grab when heading out. Laundry soap, dryer sheet, stain remover and quarters are all kept in this basket so I do not forget any necessary supplies. While many laundromats have the ability to swipe a debit card now, I still always have quarters with my RV laundry supplies in case quarters are the only option.

I’ve also been to laundromats where the change machine was not working so I could not exchange my bills for quarters. Anytime we have quarters, I still them in with my laundry supplies. The other thing I keep with my RV laundry supplies is a container of Clorox wipes. Again, the germophobic part of me can easily be grossed out. I always have wipes in case I feel like a machine or folding counter needs a good wipe before I use it.


Lastly, while there may not be a lot of downtime while at the laundromat, there is bound to be a short period of time while waiting for clothes to either wash or dry. If I have any quick errands to run, such as filling up with gas or picking up a few groceries, I may use the wait time to get those down.

However, if you do leave the laundromat, set a timer or alarm on your phone. I used to glance at the time and get a rough estimate of what time I needed to return. It never failed that once I left the laundromat, I spent the entire time questioning what time I had to return. By setting a timer or alarm on my phone, I could not forget. I always give myself a 5-minute cushion as I want to return early. Please don’t be that person that leaves a machine sitting with clothes that need to be taken out.

Five RV Laundry Tips

  1. Sort your laundry in the RV
  2. Use RV laundry bags, not baskets
  3. Schedule your laundromat visit when its not as busy
  4. Keep an RV laundry supply basket
  5. Set a timer so your laundry never sits in the machines and dryers

Well, while laundry is not the most exciting part of RV travel, its a necessary chore. Hopefully these five tips help to make your task a little easier and more effective. An honorable mention tip would be using storage straps to bundle your laundry together. We like the straps in this Wrap-It storage strap review. If you have any other suggestions that I have not mentioned, please leave a comment below!

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