Dillon Ice Castles

Have you heard of the Dillon Ice Castles? Let me tell you…..A-MA-ZING !! This place has some of the neatest and jaw dropping ice formations you will ever see. They have fun for all ages, even those edgy teenagers.

If you enjoy amazing ice sculptures, and a wonderful sense of community, you will enjoy the Dillon, CO. Travel in Colorado is often busy, overloaded with people and traffic, at least around the major cities. Even in remote mountain towns the abundance of people can take a little bit of fun out of some experiences.

You won’t have to worry about that at the Ice Castles. They allow a certain number of people in at a certain time. The ‘population’ within the castle will fluctuate, but its a tolerable number of people. Once you are inside you are fully immersed in ice walls, slides and more.

dillon ice castles

This experience was mesmerizing. Upon planning, we were not sure if the trip to Dillon, CO was worth it. It was. What an incredible sight to see! There were many tunnels to climb through, ice slides to slide down, and icicles to admire. It was crazy to see what the sculptors built (that would have been fun to see too!)

The website shows six locations for Ice Castles. In addition to Colorado, it lists Alberta, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Utah and Wisconsin. Check the following website for exact locations and dates of each event – icecastles.com.

5 travel Tips for Visiting Dillon, co

  • Dress warmly as you are going to spend a couple hours surrounded by ice. You’ll need warm clothes, but don’t forgot those toes. A couple of us wish we would have worn two pairs of socks.
  • Buy tickets for late afternoon so you can experience the castles in the daylight and at night. We enjoyed both but the lights at night almost seemed magical.
  • Enjoy the large ice slide. We did! It seemed like a long line at first but it went quickly and was worth it. (There are many smaller slides, but the large one has a rug that you slide down on.) After that, crawl through the tunnels to enjoy the ice caves.
  • Take your camera. You will want to document this adventure. Just be sure to bring some extra batteries. Ours seem to lose power quickly when we are out in the cold.
  • Treat yourself to hot cocoa after this cool experience. There are plenty of shops nearby, so try to support the local businesses if you can. We intended on stopping for hot chocolate after our last visit, but the boys ended up getting ice cream instead.

One other tip for those coming from out of state… Be sure to bring a good pair of sunglasses and chap stick. The high desert climate is extremely dry and sunny. Make sure your chap stick has SPF protection.

If you have the opportunity to go, we absolutely recommend the experience!

If you are looking for additional activities in Colorado, consider hiking the Manitou Incline. This is an activity we have done a few times recently. Its always a humbling reminder of how out of shape we are, yet the most incredible feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top.

Colorado is a beautiful state, and there is always something to do. Please share your Colorado adventure in the comments section below.

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