Co op CTY 2.2 Bike Review

co op cty 2.2 bike review

Hello and Welcome back to MoreFamFun OUTDOORS.  Today we are giving you a Co op CTY 2.2 bike review. It’s the newest addition to our family. 

We pick up this bike recently and I have to say…. I’m impressed.  The CTY 2.2 is considered a hybrid bike like my Trek FX 2, but there are big differences.

First, this hybrid bike has a front suspension with lockout. That makes it one of the most comfortable commuter bikes I’ve ever ridden.  The suspension has 63mm of travel which isn’t quite as nice as the 100+ you get on most mountain bike front suspensions. Even 63mm of travel gives the Co op a big advantage over my Trek FX 2. (At least as far as comfort goes when riding over bumps.)

I don’t think it coasts as smoothly as the FX 2, but its very close. 

Another great feature on this CTY 2.2 are the derailleurs.  This is a 3×9 bike with Shimano Alivio front and rear derailleurs.  That’s a step above the Acera Altus and Tourney models on our other bikes. 

That’s not to say a derailleur like the Tourney isn’t quality.  Its cheap, but definitely a quality bike park.  Shimano has 7 or 8 different models of varying quality levels.  The tourney is a great beginner line, and I would say this Alivio is the high end for beginner bike parts.

The CTY 2.2 has disc brakes which makes stopping easy in any condition.  Disc brakes work going down hill, on gravel or pavement, and whether its sunny or raining out.  We’ve only had this a few days and I put about 50 miles on it for this review, but so far we have no issues with stopping.

The parts on this bike are all great.  This is probably the best fitness bike, or hybrid bike I’ve been on for the price.  After your REI Co-op membership, the final price on this bike is less than $1,000.  You can even find them on sale once in a while, or maybe get lucky and find one at your local REI garage sale.

Co op CTY 2.2 Problems

The CTY 2.2 is awesome, but there are a few things about it that really bother me. They aren’t big issues, but little things that come down to personal preferance. It’s probably why Christy will ride this bike more than me. 

First of all, I really prefer the look of internal wiring for the derailleur cables.  You never have to worry about anything catching on it, or a rock kicking up and causing damage to the cables when they are run through the frame. The CTY 2.2 does have the hydraulic brake lines internally wired. It doesn’t make sense why the derailleur cables are exposed.

There are two other areas where I feel like REI or Co-op could make some big improvements.  First, this bike is $1,000 at full price… Why oh why can’t these bike companies throw in a quick adjust lever for the bike seat height?

Finally, I haven’t figured out if it’s the tires or what, but the way these bikes feel is completely different.  The Trek FX 2 has 700C wheels just like this CTY 2.2 from REI.  The Trek has Bontrager wheels and tires while the CTY has GLM wheels with Kenda tires.  I prefer the smooth feeling on the Trek over the CTY whenever we are riding on the sidewalk or in the street.  The second we hit gravel I feel more comfortable on the co op bike.  I’m fairly certain that is due to the tires and maybe I will test that theory in a later video.

Overall Review on Co op CTY 2.2

Overall, the CTY 2.2 is a great bike.  I would highly recommend anybody looking at a bike to check out REI’s lineup.  I’ve been told all their bike mechanics are Barnett certified, which is a top certifications for bike mechanics.  The Co-op bikes are really one of the most undervalued brands of bike out there.  The parts alone on these bikes make them worth the price, but when you ride them you can tell serious engineering went into the designs.

If you enjoyed this co op CTY 2.2 bike review please let me know by leaving a comment below.  We are going to be adding one last bike to our lineup in the near future.  We are probably looking for another hard-tail mountain bike since its for the kids.  If you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments.

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