Cave of the Winds

When I was younger, we visited Cave of the Winds. When my family decided to make the trip in 2019, I was so excited and the memories started rushing back. Surely you know that feeling? You see something and a certain memory comes to mind. Cave of the Winds is a nostalgic place for me.

If you like cave tours, I would consider this one top notch. You learn about stalactites and stalagmites and how these caves were first discovered. The amount of knowledge you gain from a brief cave tour was great.

This is an amazing place if you want to keep your kids entertained, and make sure they are learning something new. It would be a great field trip location for those of you that home school.

The tour was relatively easy to get through. Most of the walking areas are nice and flat, but there are some places that are more difficult to navigate. There are plenty of open areas so those of you that get claustrophobic need not worry. Spoiler Alert: They even turn out the lights at one point to experience the inability for your eyes to adjust in total darkness.

cave of the winds

However, the cave tour used to be the only feature (along with the large gift shop). When we showed up 20 years after my initial visit I was shocked by how much had changed. There are so many options for entertainment aside from the great cave tours! We no longer had to worry about whether we can keep the kids entertained before they drive us crazy.

Cave of the Winds Rides

Some of the rides are for the most adventurous type. We did not ride all of the larger rides but checked out quite a few of the more kid friendly attractions. The boys enjoyed climbing the rock wall, testing their climbing abilities on Geronimo’s Leap, walking the Wind Walker course and flying down the Bat-A-Pult.

Ryan and I enjoyed the Bat-A-Pult too! We had to pull the boys from the Virtual Reality show after they sat for their fourth time. The Cave of the Winds staff was incredibly kind to us, letting the kids stay for another ride if nobody was in line behind them.

virtual reality at cave of the winds

In addition to the cave tour and multiple rides, the views are incredible. (Be warned that the drive up is a little nail biting if you are not accustomed to mountain cliffs.) You may not love the views if you have a fear of heights. However, just stay back from the ledge and enjoy as much as you can! I promise it is worth it.

Moral of the story – there is sooo much to see and do here! It is no longer only a Cave tour. Check out their website for all the details:

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