Camco Taste Pure RV Water Filter Review

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The infrastructure at many RV parks is very old, and you shouldn’t sacrifice your family’s safety drinking out of the tap at some of those parks. That’s why it is a good idea to always carry an RV water filter. We have used several different types of filters in the past, and we prefer the consistency the Camco delivers.

Camco is one of the most reputable brands in the outdoor and camping industries. With something as serious as water quality, due diligence requires you do some research before making your water filter selection. All of our research, as well as actually using several different products, led us to the Camco TastePure Water Filter. (Check price on Amazon)

Best RV Water Filter

We have used the Camco Taste Pure RV Water Filter for the past two years. The consistency of taste is important, and the Camco delivers. We never hookup water without it, and we never fill our fresh tank without it too. It guarantees no matter which source we are using, we have clean water with a consistent taste.

If you move your RV from state to state, or even different municipalities within the same state, there is going to be a noticeable taste difference to the water. Anybody who is drinking water from their rig needs to be using a water filter. Not only will it keep your water safe to drink, it will help keep your plumbing fixtures from getting mineral deposits.

In addition to consistent flavor, there is also the benefit of knowing you are drinking safe water. The Camco helps prevent bacteria, cadmium, fungus and mold from getting into your RV water system.

Where to Install RV Water Filter

This is a common question as we see many variations at the RV parks. You may hook up your filter at the point of the hose and water line, while others prefer to have it at the end of the hose that connects to the RV. It doesn’t make a difference, as long as your hose is clean.

We prefer to install our RV water filter on the end that connects to the camper. That way if our hose gets dirty or contaminated, the water still has to run through the filter before reaching the RV. This works a lot easier on the toy hauler than it does on the travel trailer. I recommend you stock a few elbows in your storage just in case you need to make a funny angle work for your filter to fit.

Aqua Crest RV Water Filter

We have used filter brands outside of Camco. There is only one other filter that seems to be competitively priced, and deliver the same consistent taste as Camco, which is why we are giving them the honorable mention.

Honorable mention goes to AQUA Crest. While on a trip we realized I forgot the box with the water filter. We ordered a new one on Amazon, not paying attention to the brand and simply trusting the reviews would steer us the right way. AQUA Crest is equally well reviewed to the Camco, and often times I have noticed the price goes back and forth for which filter is cheaper. (Check current price on Amazon here.)

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