Best RV Leveling Blocks

Most RV parks we have visited provide level sites to setup our RV. However, there are plenty of times we go camping and don’t have the luxury of a perfectly level camp site. In these situations we have found the best RV leveling blocks are made by Andersen.

Why The Andersen Leveling Blocks?

When you pull into your site, getting setup can be very stressful. You have all sorts of eyes on your from other campers and RVers. If you want to quickly impress, pull out your Andersen Leveling Blocks and your camper will be level in seconds. The leveling blocks are simply a curved “pie” shaped piece. You drive up on them, and as you drive you get taller until the point of being level.

This may seem the same as the Lego style leveling blocks, but with those you have to piece together your leveling ramp, and it often takes a lot of pieces to build tall enough to get level. Unless you bought 3-4 kits of leveling blocks you won’t have enough to raise the side of your camper more than an inch or two. With the Andersen Leveling Blocks you can easily add 4″ of leveling power to one side of your RV.

Andersen Leveling Blocks – Check Price on Amazon

best rv leveling blocks

Andersen Leveling Blocks – Check Price on Amazon

Leveling Blocks as RV Stabilizers?

You may have seen many people with Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks. They are a great addition, but are not the same thing as the leveling blocks. The trailer jack blocks will help keep your stabilizer and jack arms at a shorter length, thus reducing stress and providing a far more stable camper. We use the stabilizing blocks that are also from Andersen, but there are many other options that provide the same effect.

Andersen’s plastics division makes the best RV leveling blocks and jack stabilizers in our opinion, and we only recommend products we use ourselves. We like the Andersen Blocks because they are dual purpose, working as a seat or bucket when needed. They also stack, taking up less room in the storage compartment.

Andersen Trailer Jack Blocks – Check Price on Amazon

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