Best RV Backup Cameras of 2020

We have used more than our fair share of RV backup cameras. We have a separate backup camera on the 5th wheel toy hauler and one on the bunk house travel trailer. Unfortunately, both of the screens were in our truck when it was stolen. That gives us a real perspective for this RV backup camera review.

Why You Need a Backup Camera

You might not think you need a backup camera on your RV. I have seen new truck owners tout their camera systems, only to eat a slice of humble pie when ordering a backup camera. They have so many uses beyond helping you back your rig into its space.

Our backup cameras help us change lanes when going down the interstate. With the camera on I no longer have to fearfully ease over hoping I am clear to do so. Changing lanes used to be a stress point, but now its no different than changing lanes on my commute to work.

Best Overall RV Backup Camera

Furrion Vision S

Out of the four backup cameras we have had, and the four included in this review, the Furrion Vision S with a 5 inch screen is our favorite. (Check current price on Amazon) They do have smaller and larger screen size options, but we prefer the 5 inch because it doesn’t take up too much space in the front, and its large enough to see clearly.

The picture quality is crystal clear. Its like having an HD view of the back and sides of our rig. Our 4.3 inch screen didn’t seem to get as good of color as the 5 inch screens, but the 5 inch screen is amazing. We can see roughly 15-20 feet to each side of our trailer thanks to the wide angle view. The picture is so clear we can see into the vehicles of cars that are tailgating a bit to close.

Best Value Backup Camera

best RV backup camera
eRapta Backup Camera

The eRapta Wireless Backup Camera and Monitor is a great value, and comes in at about 1/3 the price of the Furrion. (Check Current Price on Amazon) This camera worked great when it worked. I think its a good value because it lasted two years on the road before it broke. For a part-timer that could mean a lifespan of 4-6 years depending on how often you use it and if it is stored properly in the off-season.

Cameras We Don’t Love

These are the two cameras we have used that weren’t a great fit for us. At the end of the day, any RV backup cameras that give you a view of a blindspot can’t be all bad. These two cameras made this list because they either don’t have a feature that makes them stand out, or the value for the price isn’t there.

First loser goes to the FooKoo backup camera. The reviews were great, albeit in a limited number, so I was sure the FooKoo would be a cheap replacement camera option for me. (Check Price on Amazon). I cannot comment on camera quality because I could never get the camera to hold position. With every bump it would drop the camera view straight down. This was a quick return item for us.

Our final camera to make this review is the DVKNM Dual Backup Camera Monitor Kit. I was really excited about finding these cameras because they have over 500 reviews. (Check Reviews on Amazon) This camera system has the potential to be great. Not on a near 40 foot RV though. The receivers that communicate the view from camera to screen are not strong enough or something. If you have a smaller trailer these will work great, but don’t get your hopes up if your trailer is longer than 25 feet. I would consider these cameras for half-ton towable rigs only.

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