Best Places on the Oregon Coast

oregon coast glass blowing

There are a lot of really cool places to visit in Oregon. The best places from our visit were all on the Oregon Coast. Inland Oregon was great for hiking, but the coast has so much more to offer.

We are a family that loves to explore, but when thinking about the best places to travel the Oregon Coast doesn’t always come to the front of my mind.

At least, it never used to…

We enjoy making plans to explore the areas that aren’t that popular, like Oregon.

That is what led us to planning a semi-full-time RV adventure circling the Pacific Northwest. It started out as an idea to force some family time. Previously, we were incredibly busy with after school activities, work, and all the things life throws at you.

We had purchased our first RV, a 5th wheel Vengeance Rogue, just a few months prior. Who doesn’t want to take a six week RV trip with their family, right?

We visited the Oregon Coast during the summer while the kids were out of school. The crabbing season was just getting underway, so things were .

Check out our review of Oregon Coast crab fishing if you’re looking for something different to try.

We are also a family that loves to try new things. We visited Lincoln City, a quaint town on the Oregon Coast, for some glass blowing. It was summer, so the weather was perfect for shorts and a t-shirt.

Best Place for Glass Blowing on oregon coast

If I am being completely honest, I had some preconceived ideas about glass blowing.

I was not excited about this activity, mainly because I assumed glass blowing was for ‘artsy-fartsy folk.’

By the time we left I had a completely different attitude. The staff, patrons and community in general around Lincoln City Glass Blowing were all great.

The staff educated us on the processes of glass blowing, and did so in a way that made it fun to learn. We were able to learn about the temperature to heat and form our piece, and even though we didn’t stick around, they told us about the cooling process before we left.

It feels great getting ‘hands on’ whenever we are trying something new, but this experience was really special.

The adventure started by picking the type of piece we wanted to design. There were several options like a small bowl, a large bowl, a paper weight, a heart and a float. I picked the small bowl because it was one of the cheapest items after the paper weight.

Once our selection was made we started to pick the color scheme. I chose blue and white because I saw a neat blue and white piece in the showroom.

I took a rod with a chunk of melted glass stuck on the end, rolled it through some crumbs of broken blue and white glass, and ended up making a really cool piece.

best places on the oregon coast

That’s my finished product shown above. You can see what the rest of the family’s items look like in our Oregon Coast video below. The video does a great job of showing the processed described above.

Time flew by as I was moving from furnace, to table, then back to furnace again crafting what would be my first ever masterpiece of the glass variety. (I also have some awesome ceramic pots I made in high school.)

Best RV Park on the oregon coast

Glass blowing was one of the more expensive attractions we did, but definitely one that was worth the price. I loved everything about the Oregon coast, but glass blowing felt extra special.

I believe the best price, at least at the time of our visit, was through Groupon. Get ready for some sticker shock. People often comment on how beautiful the pieces are, to which I reply, ‘They’re for sale.’

While the glass blowing was expensive, the rest of the coast was not. We stayed at McKinley’s RV Park, and the nightly rate was great for a location on the water.

Seriously, they are right on the water. It was great to wake up and put a fishing pole in the water after a 10 second walk.

McKinley’s doesn’t have a lot of indoor activities for guests, but the location is perfect to keep everybody entertained. While we don’t typically like to stay in RV parks that have a lot of long-term guests, it wasn’t a problem on this trip.

Our reasoning for avoiding RV parks with long-term guests comes from years of experience on the road. There are always exceptions, but typically the neighborhoods that allow full time guests in their RV don’t tend to be as nice as other locations we stay.

We stayed at a few different places along the coast. Some of the guests at McKinley’s were also staying at Netarts, the location of our second stop. They prefer Netarts over McKinleys, while we were of the opposite opinion.

Both places were great, and everybody’s list of favorite things on the Oregon Coast included glass blowing and crab fishing while staying at both places.

Don’t forget to visit some of the beaches if you are in Waldport, OR. There were plenty of opportunities to catch clams, and even though we have our own kayaks, we found a local on the beach to rent an extra. Please be sure to get your shellfish license before clamming.

There is no shortage of fun activity on the coast. Honestly, every place we stayed and every activity we tried felt like it could claim the title of being the best. The Oregon Coast is a hidden gem, and easily the most underrated travel destination we have been.

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