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best for travel

Our best for travel tips and tricks are based off our experience with RV travel. After journeying from central Colorado to Seattle and back it should be safe to assume we know a little about rv travel. Reflecting on what worked and what didn’t on our trip… We definitely wish we would have left more at home. We have also discussed things we wish we had with us.

Best Travel Tips

First, I have driven across the country a couple times before. As a young adult I drove from the Midwest to New York. Also, a round trip drive from Iowa to Florida flirts with the achievement list on my resume. I felt like I knew a thing or two about this going into our big trip. We had to commit to leaving everything in the 5th wheel.

I know the idea of having a cooler with drinks or food seems like a good idea. I can assure you, its a HORRIBLE idea. Seriously, the worst. You might be thinking, “Why is this such a bad idea? You can keep driving without having to stop as often for food or drinks.”

If you are eating and drinking on the road, you will need to make more frequent bathroom breaks. You don’t need a cooler full of drinks in the vehicle. You’re crammed up in a small space and being able to stretch will become far more important than a variety of beverage options.

So the number one thing you can do on a long road trip, is commit to putting everything in the trunk, or somewhere away from the driver and other passengers.

We have gone on trips where the bag of chips gets dumped on accident because the center console becomes the dinner table. Its not worth the frustration and discomfort to bring food and drinks in the car. Most vehicles will go 300 miles or roughly 5 hours before they need a fill up. Eat a light lunch or dinner before hitting the road, and just take one drink for half the cup holders in your car. If your vehicle has as many cup holders as mine, that will be plenty.

Best Phone Company for Travel

The second “best for travel” award goes to Verizon and T-Mobile. That’s right, we split our family’s cell phone providers into two different carriers. We still ran into a few spots where nobody had service, but we secretly love those spots. There were definitely spots where T-Mobile had better coverage, and others where Verizon did. T-Mobile seemed to work well in big cities and the Boonies., while Verizon was solid LTE almost 100% of the time we were on the interstate.

Weather you are working from the road or you are on leisure, you will want cell service. Most interstates have cell phone service throughout the country, but back highways do not.

We use our phones a lot to look up facts on the places we are visiting. Christy will look up facts about a waterfall we are hiking to, and fill us in on everything interesting to make the drive less boring. I know the idea of a road trip screams leave the ‘tech’ behind, but I promise when used responsibly it can add value to your trip.

My final best tips for travel on the road:

  • Everybody should bring a comfy blanket, a pillow and a drink.
  • Sleep in shifts so at least one other person is awake with the driver at all times.
  • Always fill up with gas/diesel when you get below half a tank.
  • Know your route before you leave. This mainly applies for when you are hauling an RV. We currently use Truck Maps as our GPS. We plugged in the specs on our unit and it creates the route. It keeps us away from any low clearance areas. Also an option for avoiding tolls (because they get expensive when towing additional axles) and certain roads that do not permit us to due size/weight can be blocked..

Honorable mention for the most important thing: Don’t sweat the small stuff. A road trip is a great bonding adventure. Yes, they can get boring at times, but its what you do to fill that boring time that makes road trips great. Finally, make sure you check out our best apps for travel.

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