Belmont Park in San Diego, CA

If you put ‘Beach’ and ‘Amusement Park’ in one description, we will want to be there! And we highly recommend you are too! Once we arrived at Belmont Park, our three boys did not want to leave. If you are in the San Diego area, go have some fun at Belmont Park.

Belmont Park is located at Mission Beach. I wanted to check out the beach after we rode rides. However, we were having so much fun that it was dark before we knew it. We had to head back to the RV park to walk the dogs but next time we will check out the beach first!

We spent about five hours at Belmont Park and could have spent even more time having fun on the rides and attractions. There are fun activities for all ages from rides for younger kids to rides for teenagers (and adults like Ryan and I). Make sure to allow plenty of time to ride or enjoy your top choices. While we ran out of time to experience every activity, here are some tips and tricks for planning your fun at Belmont Park.

Belmont Park San Diego Review

Ziplining – The boys were looking forward to the zip line. However, don’t get too excited about this one. Its a short zip line over a concrete sidewalk. We got in a short line by the stairs only to realize that we had to fill out a release form back by the climbing wall. Before you waste too much time, make sure you fill out the release form and get in the correct line.

After filling out the release form, we waited in a short line to realize that the line moved very slowly. And I mean…very slow. We were guessing that it could be an hour before we were able to ride. Each person is able to ride twice so those at the front of the line would ride, walk back over to the beginning and ride again. We decided to come back later. After realizing how much fun we were having in on other rides, we never bothered to return to the zip line. Hopefully, there will be a shorter line when you visit it if you would like to ride.

Belmont Park Rides

Lazer Maze is near the Zipline so we stopped after deciding to leave the zipline. It was a fun challenge but beware that only one or two people are allowed in at a time. You are able to pick a challenge and it lasts under one minute.

Octoron – If you like spinning thrill rides, this is the ride for you! The boys rode this ride about five times each. Ryan and I watched and wondered how they did not puke. But, alas, they absolutely loved it! When you are watching your kids giggle and have a blast, you cannot help to giggle and enjoy too.

There are the classic bumper cars at Belmont Park along with a newer version called Krazy Kars. This is similar to bumper cars except you are sitting in a big circle with a large tire around you.

Mini Golf – Who doesn’t love a fun game of Mini golf?!? We had so much fun challenging each other and competing for a winner. The theme was tiki and the variety of holes made the game fun.

Sky Ropes – The boys were excited to try the Sky Ropes. While Ryan stayed on the ground, I headed up the stairs. I thought it would be fun because you are in the air while attached in a harness and ropes. Surprisingly, it was a little scary. There are different challenges to walk across and its not as easy as it looks from the ground.

7D Movie – Make sure you check this out early. We were busy riding all the other rides and waited to head to the 7D movie. By the time we headed to the entry, it was closed. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice on whether it is worth it but we wish would could have seen it.

Do not miss the roller coaster! Its a goodie. If you like roller coasters, you’ll like this one. Its fast and makes you scream.

Food at Belmont Park in San Diego

For a dinner break, there are places throughout the rides and attractions. We walked right across the street to sit down and eat. There are plenty of options for everyone!

For a sweet treat, I highly recommend the Dole Whip if you like pineapple. Its my favorite! However, if you don’t like pineapple, there are plenty of other sweet options. We split a Reese’s pastry from Beaver Tails. While it was beyond delicious, it was very rich and a nice treat to share. The boys also had to stop for Dippin’ Dots because we are not able to pass one of these stands without the boys asking for dessert.

Admission is free! You are able to walk through Belmont Park and check out the rides and attractions. This is perfect if someone in your group does not want to participate in the rides but enjoys watching everyone else. Ryan and I are both big kids so we wanted to ride and play along with the boys.

San Diego City Pass

We purchased the City Pass and it covered all of the rides. It also included a turn at the larger attractions too (these include the zipline, mini golf, rock climbing wall, laser tag and more). I highly recommended checking out the City Pass if you plan to do multiple activities in San Diego.

The City Pass did not include food and games were also extra. We only played one game and it was $5 per person. Like most carnival type games, make sure to bring a stash of cash if you are interested in playing.

Parking is free! When we arrived in the afternoon, we were able to find a close parking spot. However, when we walked through the parking lot to head across the street for dinner, we did not see any open spots.

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