Air and Space Museum Colorado Springs

If the history of the U.S.’s offense and defense interests you, I have the perfect place for you to visit! The Air & Space Museum in Colorado Springs is educational and fun. As a bonus, it is also free.

When we headed to Peterson Air & Space Museum, I thought we would see a couple airplanes and head home. I was wrong! There were a total of three buildings that we toured. Each one offered different views, stories and pieces of history.

There is a small gift shop to purchase a souvenir. I highly recommend picking one up. We like to make purchases at places that are free as a means of showing our support.

One of our favorite parts was touring the plane that was used in Vietnam War. It was a mix of emotions thinking about everything these planes had seen over the years.

The number of gadgets throughout the plane was mind-blowing. I cannot imagine learning how to operate and read all the electronics of which computers do much of that work now. It really changes your opinion of people in aviation and everything they have to deal with.

air and space museum

Our docent, Jake, was full of knowledge and interesting stories. He was a navigator on the large plane that we toured. I do not think there is a greater opportunity than to hear it first hand from someone’s experience!

We learned about nuclear weapons, space monitoring systems, how we defend and protect our country along with much more. Our boys were amazed at how large computers used to be (the huge boxes compared to their slim laptops).

Planning a trip to Colorado Springs

Since you are going on to Peterson Air Force base, you have to register twenty-four hours in advance. You are able to register online but do have to provide your date of birth and drivers license number. Check out the website below for more information.

Getting onto the base is a bit of an experience. It reminds me of the airport security line, except you get to stay in your car. Everybody stops, and everybody makes it through.

We hope you enjoy your tour as much as we did! There are one of a kind sights at the Air and Space Museum in Colorado Springs. A good time was had by all. Even those of us who didn’t previously have an interest in the field of aviation.

If you have already seen the Air and Space Museum, let us know your favorite part in the comments section. We love hearing from everybody who visits our website. Even the grammar police are welcome to comment.

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