8 Must Have Items in your RV Tool Kit

rv tool kit must have items

There are certain items that can make or break your RV vacation. For example, if you forget your RV toilet paper, that is a ‘break your vacation’ situation. On the other hand, having your multi tool at the exact moment you actually need a multi tool can send endorphins surging through your brain. There are 8 must have items in your RV tool kit so you can be prepared for anything the road throws at you.

Obvious items, like toilet paper, aren’t going to make this must have list. We are looking back at items we had that were incredibly useful over the years. Items that you might not think to bring on your RV adventures. We also assume you already have some of the basic tools, like an electric screwdriver.

Best items for your RV Toolkit

We are going to take the top 5 in reverse order, you know, to keep things suspenseful. Whether you are camping or RVing, and there is a difference, these five items will always find use, especially when in a jam.

5. Multi-Tool – While a multi-tool might seem like something that belongs in the top spot, they really aren’t as important as you think. In two years on the road I have used my multi-tool less than a dozen times.

4. Strong Tape – Duct Tape, or Gorilla Tape, it really makes no difference on the brand. Having a good strong tape in your tool kit will be invaluable down the road.

3. Storage Straps – I have raved about the Wrap-It Storage Straps in this review. I won’t go into those details again, but I will say the storage straps serve multiple purposes. They have been a wonderful addition to our RV tool kit this past year.

2. Flashlight – There will be a time when you need a flashlight if you spend a serious amount of time on the road. The best flashlight is the one you have near you when the lights go out. I recommend sticking a few of them away in a couple drawers of your RV. In addition to the flashlight, you will want to have some spare batteries stored away too.

Number One Item For Your RV Tool Kit

Screwdriver Bit Set Check Price on Amazon – This DeWalt bit set is a must have for anybody with an RV. There are some manufacturers known to use square head screws. Square head bits are not a common bit you probably have, but they are in this set. One other problem I always run into is not being able to reach the screw head with my cordless screwdriver. This screwdriver bit set has an extender so that is never an issue. This is truly a must have item for your RV tool kit.

Honorable Mention

Honorable mention was reserved for a few items that are probably a better fit for camping than RVing. If you don’t do a campfire, these items won’t do you any good. We do recommend you start having a campfire, and there are options for those that don’t like the smell. That leads us into our first honorable mention item, a portable gas fire pit.

8 must have items in your rv tool kit
  1. Bali Outdoors Portable Propane Fire PitCheck Price on Amazon – The Bali Outdoors portable fire pit will plug directly into the same propane tank your RV uses. Running on propane instead of firewood means a scent free fire experience for making S’mores and other goodies around the campfire.
  2. S’mores Sticks 32″Check Price on Amazon – These are your standard hot dog and marshmallow sticks for roasting over a fire. Do not fall for the gimmicky roasting sticks. Extendable sticks tend to stop working once marshmallow resin gets inside the shaft. Wooden sticks are not the answer. They are actually more expensive, and burn easily becoming useless after one use.
  3. Round Pie IronCheck Price on Amazon – As seen below, a round pie iron is an iron cast that goes in the fire. Inside, sandwiched between what will soon be two perfectly toasted pieces of bread, is the pie filling of your choice. For a little fun, throw in a chocolate bar, marshmallow and some peanut butter. This is our camping secret. Whenever we are trying to show our guests a good time we bust out the pie makers and fill their belly with campfire desert.

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